Fast Food Around the World: A Tour of Global Cuisine


Today’s natural travel adventurers are up against a formidable obstacle.  Even if being quarantined at home is not anyone’s ideal travel situation, you ought to be able to take pleasure in your travels. Amongst the many inventive possibilities currently available, including virtual reality experiences, social media, motion pictures, novels, and documentaries, another fantastic approach to keep developing your exploratory senses is by exploring various FLAVOURS. Food plays a big part in travel experiences, therefore cooking is an excellent method to explore while staying safe at home.

What destination would you want to visit today via your kitchen? We have compiled an assortment of some of the most mouth-watering tastes from some of the world’s most unusual cuisines which will undoubtedly give you a memorable travel experience. When in Stockport, you should indulge yourselves in exploring the food options present and besides you can easily get them through fast food Stockport.      

Istanbul Delights

Turkish cuisine has no introduction; it is considered to be one of the best in the world and has graced countless tables across the globe. It is an enjoyable meal that will surely whet your appetite for your upcoming trip to Turkey.

Turkish Dumplings at Manti

Manti is a Turkish cuisine that was introduced by nomadic Turkish tribes on their way back from Central Asia in the 13th century. Manti derives from the term Mantu, which means dumplings.


The classic Turkish dessert called baklava is a dessert that is regarded as one of the most recognisable meals in Turkey.  The baklava was created in Turkey under the Ottoman Empire and was once a lavish dessert for Turkish society’s royalty.  The Baklava, which is made of buttered pastry with pistachios within, is a terrific dish for anyone wishing to learn more about Turkish culture while under quarantine.

Dubai’s Cuisine

The capital of the Emirates States & a city which is rapidly expanding, Dubai is known for its shopping malls & sky scraping contemporary buildings. However, Dubai is also a terrific place to dine and indulge your passion for cuisine. Here are a few of the most well-liked foods which are now popular in Dubai:


Manousheh, a meal that originated in Lebanon, is particularly well-liked in Dubai. Manousheh, which is made of flat pizza crust and comes with a variety of toppings possibilities, is unquestionably worth attempting in your kitchen when travelling to Dubai.

Sangak In Iran

The Iranian Sangak, bread baked on small stones, comes the most popular dish in Dubai and comes originated from Persia.  Sangak, which in Persian means “little stone,” is a common name for the bread that dates back to the 11th century that was a favourite among Persian soldiers. A must-try or must-cook method is for Iranian Sangak bread, which is a favourite among Dubai visitors and residents alike.

Favourites Of Egyptians

Discovering Egyptian cuisine can be one of the most wonderful memories you can ever have, and you are bound to find some wonderful foods there.  These Egyptian specialities are sure to have you Habibi addicted despite being shockingly underappreciated outside of Egypt.

Stuffed Pigeons

Stuffed pigeons are a must-try delicacy that is served during Egypt’s well-known Ramadan holiday season. They are excellent and highly traditional. Stuffed pigeon, which consists of a complete pigeon that has been filled with rice & spices, and simmered in water before being baked to perfection, is a fantastic recipe to make at the house and a wonderful way to acclimatise your taste buds to the distinctive Egyptian cuisine.

I Ate Fast Food In The Least Obese Country In The World

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Molokhia, a green vegetable soup which is a staple in any typical Egyptian meal, usually comes with rice, chicken, or rabbit. Among the best dishes in Egyptian cuisine is called molochia, which is easy to prepare at home.


Egyptian tameyas, often known as falafels, are excellent and originate from fava beans rather than chickpeas as is commonly believed.  Tameyas, a native treat served for breakfast, are a symbol of Egyptian cooking. Tameya is a wonderful Egyptian street cuisine to sample while visiting the country. It usually comes with tahini sauce or the well-known full, that’s a ground-cooked bean paste.  Home cooking Egyptian tameyas is simple and an excellent way to begin learning about Egyptian culture.

Indian Seasoning

Among the most popular cuisines in the world is Indian, and no matter where you are, there will always be a fantastic Indian restaurant nearby. However, if you enjoy the food at your neighbourhood eatery, what if you could eat it right at the source? Avoid missing out on these Indian delicacies if you ever have the chance to visit the stunning Taj Mahal:

Tofu Gobi

Among the most popular cuisines enjoyed by Indians is aloo gobi, a delectable vegetarian dish made with potatoes, cauliflower, & many Indian spices.  Due to the 30% vegetarian population in India, the majority of specialities and commonly consumed meals are vegetarian-friendly. However, just because a dish is vegetarian doesn’t guarantee that it will not blow your mind with the quantity of flavour it contains. Aloo gobi is a must-try dish whilst exploring India and a great way to get started making Indian food at home.

Chicken In Butter

If you have yet to hear of butter chicken yet, you haven’t been a resident of Earth. Butter chicken is a delectable and irresistible Indian meal made with chicken, tomato sauce, onions, & Indian spices that are thoroughly cooked to a curry-like texture.

Final Words

A delicious tour of foreign cuisine can be found by investigating fast food around the globe. It offers a chance to taste multiple cultures, from their varied flavours and distinctive culinary customs to the accessibility and ease of fast food. Engaging in falafel wraps in the Middle East or trying sushi burgers in Japan, fast food may be an entry point to learning about the diverse and delectable cuisine cultures that can be found around the globe. So on this culinary journey and enjoy the diverse flavours that fast food provides.



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