First Time Home Buyer In MA


Buying a home as a first time home buyer in MA is not always easy.

One big mistake a FTHB can make is looking at homes before taking care of a few things. There are certain steps you should take before ever looking at homes that will make the first time home buying process work for you.   

1-  Hire a buyers agent to work with you.  A buyers agent will have the experience to guide you effortlessly through the process.

2- Get pre-approved.  No seller will take you seriously without a good pre-approval letter.

3- Know your numbers.  By knowing your numbers you know exactly what a home will cost you from a monthly standpoint.  There will be no last minute surprises.

4- Understand the process.  Again by understanding the process you won’t get caught short or have an unexpected issue arise that will make you scramble to rectify.

5- Understand the market you are in- Buyer’s market, seller’s market, neutral market will all impact how you look for homes and how you negotiate.

Be prepared as you start to look at homes.



Written by Kevin Vitali

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