Four Ways Translation and Social Media Can Grow Your Business

Today, most reputable companies have social media. Whether it’s LinkedIn, blogs, or Facebook, we don’t need to tell you why social media marketing is important. But we can tell you if you want to go further on social media, get involved in the translation. Here’s how marketing translation services can help you.

Create a Twitter feed for any location

The well-known cable network MTV offers multiple Twitter feeds for each country/region where the channel broadcasts. Be it Brazil, Germany, or one of the certified Spanish translation services the many other Twitter accounts, each account is written in the local language. Writing accounts in any language can help you reach your target audience more. They will feel more connected to you or your product and will respond more positively to the information you send.

A Facebook page with the work you do around the world

If your business in the US or Florida doesn’t already have a Facebook page, create one. You can create multiple pages for each location (as you can easily do on Twitter), but you could also consider using a Facebook page to showcase your work worldwide.

Translate blog post

The company that chooses a blog knows it’s not for the faint of heart. Blogging is time-consuming and will end up costing the company money. To reduce costs and reach the widest possible audience, why not create a blog that translates blog posts from English into multiple languages?

If you’re using WordPress or any other content management system, you can easily install a plugin that allows visitors to simply click a button and display a pop-up window with translated text, such as Chinese, German, Spanish, or French.

Become an expert on problem sites

If you do business in a particular country/region, become an expert in that country/region. Look for relevant questions to answer on Q&A sites like Quora or LinkedIn Answers. To prove you’re really smart, answer your questions in English and the native language of the country/region you’re talking about. Be creative in your answers. Provide real content that readers will find valuable. If you try to promote your product too much in the answer, readers will feel like you just want to promote your product. By demonstrating that you know how to answer questions without a sales promotion, readers are more likely to view your profile or webpage. People are looking for answers and knowledge, not proactive sales.

If it’s too difficult for local employees to translate every piece of content, consider partnering with a marketing translation agency. This saves you time and checks the quality.

We are experts in business translation. Our team of skilled linguists translates written text from one language to another so that your copy is accurate.


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