Freshair DEO Air Sanitizer for Your Restrooms and Kitchens

August 2021, Philippines: Freshair Purification Solutions is one of the most eminent air purifiers provider around the Philippines for your Home, Cars, Industrial Areas etc., that helps purify the air and deliver 100% freshness and safety control in the surroundings. We are now launching freshair Deo Air Sanitizer that is capable of destroying unwanted virus and germs present in the air!

If you have asthma, allergies or any other health issues that can worsen or spread because of airborne particles, an air purifier is the best option to keep you at peace. Air purifiers are essential in the home because they are designed to remove germs and other particles effectively eliminating odours, smoke, dust, and almost all other air pollutants from the air. Without air sanitizers, your home can accumulate a lot of dust and germs, leading to serious health problems!

Freshair Deo is a pluggable air sanitizer that quickly eliminates unwanted harmful particles and odour, and spreads clean and pure air. It comes with 6 months of warranty. Freshair Purification Solutions offers an excellent range of air purifiers at the most competitive rate. We always prioritise consumer preference first and provide them the best quality and most efficient products and services.

Below are some significant benefits of using Freshair Deo at your home:

It covers only 5 – 8 sqm of spacing on the wall.

Releases 28 million illegal Ions to deal with dust, odours and smoke and remove them constantly.

It releases oxygen that will be activated in the surroundings to destroy germs & viruses that comprises Coronavirus.

Degrades dangerous particles effectively

The Freshair Deo Air Sanitizer works on 3 different modes, which are as follows:

Ionization (safe while occupied – use only for 30 minutes)

Ionization + Sanitation (automatically operates for only 30 minutes and switches off must be unoccupied)

Ionization + continuous Sanitation and use for extreme contamination and odour cases (for emergency purposes only).

Freshair Purification Solutions provides high-quality and extensive product range with new techniques and innovations. To know more about their products, visit or contact them by e-mail at [email protected] or call at (02) 8847-0620, 8847-0602!


About the Company:

Freshair Purification Solutions has been at the forefront of Healthy Living Technologies and strive to keep you and your loved ones healthy. The company was founded in 2003 our vast array of products and services range from car accessories, safety and security window films, GPS tracking systems and air solutions technology.


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