Friendly Turtle is Now Offering Reusable Nappies and Sanitary Pads from Little Lamb!

Sept2021, UK:Friendly Turtle has come up withreusablenappies and sanitary padsfrom Little Lamb. These reusable nappies are bestfor families who are looking forenvironmentally-conscious nappies without compromising on style, ease of use, and comfort!

Friendly Turtle is a leading shop selling and delivering plastic-free, zero-waste, eco-friendly, and sustainable products all over the UK!

  • Little Lambis a family run business selling cloth nappies,which will massively reduce your little one’s carbon footprint.
  • Little Lamb nappies are manufactured in a family-run factory in Turkey and shipped into the UK by road freight in order to reduce our carbon footprint and provide you with peace of mind.
  • They producetheir entireessential productsingreat quality and sell it at a reasonable price.
  • They provide nappies, wraps, and boosters that are all Oeko-tex certified and can beusedfully intouch with baby’s skin for extended periods of time without the fear of any infection.
  • Cloth sanitary pads are an eco-friendly, waste-free, and cost-saving way to manage your monthly cycle.

Friendly Turtle is committed to sell 1300+ eco-friendly, plastic-free and zero waste alterative productsin the UK. Friendly Turtle has the primary aim to raise awareness related to sustainable and ethical living!

Reusable nappies use 8 times less non-renewable materials, 3.5 times less energy, and 90 times less renewable resources than “disposables”. So if you are looking for reusable nappies and sanitary pads, you are at the right place. Friendly Turtle is here for your rescue!

Reusable nappies and sanitary padscan also be used ascreative gift ideas for new-borns and new moms.Friendly Turtle believes inworking towards reduction in our global waste problem.

Buy your favourite eco-friendly products easily at Friendly Turtle. To know more, visit or write your query by filling the form at!


About the Company:

Friendly Turtle is a plastic-free and zero-waste shop in the UK, selling and delivering eco-friendly and sustainable products all over the UK. The company works closely with several brands that encourage and promote an environmental message or a range of products that can ultimately benefit the earth through their purchase and continued use.


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