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Eye color change is trending and what’s more, is that it’s permanent.

There is a lot of speculation amongst the revamp circles about an eye color change with a laser which has a permanent effect. But how does it work? We know laser that is used to correct impaired visions but eye color change is incredibly innovative.

Why do we even have eye color?

You might’ve studied this in 10th grade but let’s refresh your memory. Your eye has a thin flat structure called the iris. The iris controls how much you zoom in and zoom out! Well, scientifically, it controls how much you have to strain to see something by letting your pupil (black dot) dilate. Iris also has pigments, mainly melanin. This is the reason your eye has color. If the melanin concentration is high, the eye color will be dark (e.g. brown), and if low, eye color will be light (e.g. blue or green).

How can eye color be changed?

Methods to change eye color intentionally have been around for years. Colored contact lenses give a range of colors to users and recently, eye drops have also been developed to give a temporary eye color. Permanent ways to change eye color are 2 – prosthetic irises and laser.

How can a prosthetic iris change eye color?

As mentioned earlier, the iris is directly responsible for eye color. You may remember people getting iris implants for different reasons – no eye color, damaged irises, or photosensitive irises. This would improve vision and treat eye defects. The same technology was put to use for eye color change by coloring the iris implant.

What is the method of laser surgery?

A laser of low energy/intensity is used here. This layer is projected onto the client’s eye for 20 seconds or less. The energy projected by the laser destroys pigments or cells associated with color (stroma in particular). Now that there are no color cells, the eye won’t showcase it. This surgery, however, only works on brown irises and will definitely change the color to blue. Recovery time is longer as tissues need healing.

How to tread carefully when opting for eye color change with laser

Laser eye surgery has risks just like any other surgery. Without the right consultation and medical attention, clients can develop glaucoma in the future. However, because of stringent measures, companies now advertise with proper information on risks. Consultation with a trusted and experienced ophthalmologist will point you in the proper direction for a good surgery.

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The author has years of experience and medical expertise. He has worked at Irex Laser for a significant time and provides one of the best explanations about eye color change.

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