Give Your Outdoor Advertising An Extra Push With Banners And Flags


Banners and flags have been used as a means of promotion for years. Baseball fans will remember when the Cubs stadium used to be draped in giant banners with the star players of the day beaming at them. Since then, these flexible custom banners have become a lot smaller and a lot more versatile. Businesses, event organizers, and marketers in Chicago use them to a significant effect on outdoor advertising.

According to some experts, nearly 90% of your customer base lives within five miles of the business! And flags and banners are the perfect local advertising tool. Instill curiosity in local shoppers by ‘changing the local scene’ with this affordable advertising signage. Find out how you, too, can energize your outdoor advertising with banners in Chicago.

1. Deploy in Quantity

Because they are affordable, you can deploy them in large numbers. Feather flags (the ones with a curved spine), seen so commonly at a car dealership, are great examples. Businesses tend to install 10 or 20, depending on how big an area they need to cover. That’s a lot of visibility for a minimal price.

2. Easy to Install

Advertising of any sort needs to be deployed rapidly. You cannot be fiddling with a complex sign that takes forever to install or requires a professional team. Custom banners are designed to be installed by just one person, meaning you can get your advertising effort on the road sooner. Just make sure you tell us how you will be mounting the sign when you come to place your order for vinyl banner printing.

3. Portable

Outdoor advertising is most effective when the message repeats; your banners need to keep up with your marketing efforts’ speed. Flags and banners are light and easy to carry. Roll them up, put them in the bed of a pick-up or the trunk of the car, and be on your way. Unlike some other custom signage, you don’t need a large van to haul them around.

4. Perfect for a Pop-Up

Are you hosting a pop-up in Chicago? Need flags for a small commercial event? Flexible custom banners are the perfect thing. They can be printed on short notice and will be with you before you start welcoming guests. Add custom branding at your site quickly and affordably. Best of all, since you don’t need a permit to install them (assuming it is your land), you can have them up in no time at all.

5. Affordable

The first rule of outdoor advertising is to opt for something that you can afford. Being out in the open, signage may be damaged by weather, vandalized, or fail after it has reached its operational limits. Flexible vinyl flags and banners are affordable. It means if a few are blown away in Chicago’s winds, it will not be the end of the world.

During the age of social distancing, many businesses in the city have found flexible flags, and banners are helping them recapture lost business. Speak to a representative at Surely Signs about your marketing needs.



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