Guide to Sikkim Honeymoon Tour

If you have been browsing some of the cool and romantic honeymoon destinations in India, then Sikkim is the right place. After marrying your loved one, what you can think of now is to make them feel special and give them all your attention. What better way could there be to express your love and affection than to put her in an exotic environment. To your surprise, even the smallest places can be a great honeymoon destination.  Sikkim has many romantic venues and is becoming one of the best honeymoon destinations in India.

Sikkim, India’s second-smallest state in India, also is a haven for newlyweds, who wish to live in peace and secrecy in the northeast mountains. With its beautiful close-up environment, Sikkim will make you lose sight of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Awaken your sense of heavenly love by visiting seductive lakes, majestic snowcapped peaks or picturesque valleys and lush green landscapes.

Various Sikkim honeymoon tour packages offer you budget and luxury travel as well as short and long trips according to a different budget and time 


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