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Hey You - 6 Pages Quietbook | Activity | Sensory | Educational Books for Kids | Jollydesigns

"Hey You " Activity Book For Your Loved one Buy Now ☛ https://www.jolly-designs.com/en/products/hey-du-6-seiten-quiet-bookIn the twinkling of an eye, this He...

In the twinkling of an eye, this Hey You Quiet Book on the topic of daily routines starting from 3 years becomes a great activity book/fabric book/feeling book in the Montessori style. The Quiet Book is quickly transformed into a magical doll’s house to take home. Six lovingly designed pages are full of surprises and invite you to look at them together and tell stories. In this Hey You Quiet Book, we put a special focus on the topic of dental hygiene and nutrition. Clear and lively pictures with lots of details support your child in grasping daily routines and reproducing them in little stories. Fine motor skills and dexterity are trained in a playful way, the recognition of connections and the expansion of vocabulary are promoted with the Hey Du Quiet Book.

Hey You Quiet Book to learn about the structure of daily routine

Hey You Quiet Book shows toddlers the structure of an everyday life so they can adapt habits and get used to an organized lifestyle in a playful manner



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