High Pressure Valves For Underground Mining Operations

Mining operations require large amounts of water for cooling mining machinery, firefighting, cleaning, drinking and suppressing dust. Water supplies in mining operations are usually carried in pipes from surface to points close to the workspaces with flexible hoses or pipes for the final connections.

Most underground mines have large variations in elevations from the surface to the work locations. It is for this reason that installations of pressure reducing valves in mines become necessary to keep pressures at levels that will not damage hoses and other equipment. 

Pressure valves are essential to ensure continuous supply of water to work locations as needed.

HPE High Pressure Valves

Exceptional innovation with unmatched functionalities that are specially designed to reduce high inlet upstream pressure to lower downstream pressure in underground mine hoses and pipes. 

Our high pressure valves are designed to withstand all harsh conditions found in underground mines. They work perfectly even when exposed to corrosive environments and dirty contaminated water.

HPE High Pressure Valves are masterpieces of art design put together by experts. They are rated 250 bar working pressure and are ideal for all underground mining applications as well as steel plate descaling in steel mills.

Materials used in manufacturing our high pressure valves are stainless steel and bronze for the internals, and ultrahigh molecular weight polythene for the seals and bearings.

HPE offers a comprehensive pressure valve system that includes:

  • Pump Column Control Valve

  • Manual Isolation (Column Drain Valve)

  • Surge Relief Valve

  • Non Return Valve

  • Air Admission Valve

  • Energy Dissipator

  • Surge Anticipation System

Together, these valves will help minimize water surges in pipelines on a mine dewatering system. This will in turn eliminate or reduce the risk of bursting a pipe due to pressure spikes caused by high velocities or rapid changes in velocity.

If you need efficient high pressure valves with long-life expectancy that meets the South African mining industry standards, HPE pressure valves are your best option. Our pressure valves are built to last for 20 years. This wonderful added advantage promotes cost-savings for your company.


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