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High Quality Directional Drilling Can Promote Greater Mineral Exploration From A Single Hole: It Sav

In general, mining companies expend large amounts of resources and time in obtaining rich minerals from the lower surface of the earth. With a continuous increase in the cost of mining operations, mining companies have considered it meaningful to use more productive and cost effective techniques such as directional drilling for an immense mineral exploration.

Directional drilling is a well-known technique in the Oil and Gas industry since the late 1970’s for the purpose of gas drainage. It has overtime proved to be very efficient and beneficial in improving the health and safety conditions for underground workforce, decreasing environmental impact, and the production of a relatively clean-burning energy source.

Directional drilling technique is a non-vertical way of drilling that allows drilling to be done in a more flexible manner, in order to access locations that cannot be reached via straight, vertical holes. The technique enables operational drill bits to be directed toward a specified means.

When undesirable locations in the subsurface including fault zones of known difficulty are to be avoided, directional holes may be drilled. Thus, directional holes may be drilled from a safe distance to intersect a blown-out hole. When exploration drilling is to be carried out, several deviated test holes may be drilled from the same top section of the hole in order to save on the cost of drilling.

 Benefits of Directional Drilling in Mineral Exploration

Directional drilling techniques can provide a mining company with many benefits. 

  •  It provides longer length and more accurate placement of boreholes for optimal gas drainage efficiency and longer drainage time.

  •  It has the ability to control boreholes to stay in-seam or hit specific targets.

  • It promotes a more focused simplified gas collection system.

  •  It reduces the number of workers needed for mineral exploration.

  • It provides additional geological information (e.g., coal thickness, faults and other anomalies). 

  •  It minimizes surface disturbance and environmental impact.

Additionally, when compared to conventional drilling, directional drilling has the ability to ensure greater mineral production output from a single hole and can help save significant downtime and budget. Safety and environmental standards can be promoted as well by not moving drill rigs to new sites and drilling multiple surface holes.

 HPE Product for High Quality Directional Drilling Operation

 Stope Jig

HPE Stope Jig is a specially designed drill equipment for effective and efficient drilling of holes of required sizes and patterns. The quality design of the Stope Jig makes it a perfect directional drilling tool that provides safe environmental working conditions for drillers. It removes drillers from danger areas during drilling to a supported area behind the first line of roof support.

The Stope Jig also saves cost on labour, as only one person is needed to operate it. It also minimizes surface disturbance and environmental impact.

 Drilling Rigs

HPE range of Drilling Rigs are highly efficient, well designed drill rigs that are very suitable for safe, effective and efficient drilling and boring operations. They include Wide Tunnel Drill Rig, Narrow Tunnel Drill Rig and Long Hole Drill Rig.

Our very efficient and trustworthy Drilling Rigs removes drill operators from all sources of danger to a safe and supported area.



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