How Are Truck Accidents Different From Car Accidents?

Truck accident attorney Los Angeles

Truck accident attorney Los Angeles are different from car accident attornies. People believe that both truck accidents and car accidents will be similar and hence the role of the attorney will also be the same.

The truck accidents and car accidents are usually similar in nature but the intensity of the accidents vary greatly. Also, the laws governing truck accidents and car accidents are different from each other. This is also the reason why the names of the attornies also vary. A car accident attorney may be aware of the laws governing truck accidents, but they do not necessarily fight the cases. 

In order to fight a case, it is very important to have thorough knowledge about the area. An attorney with an experience in the field of car accidents will have complete knowledge about its rules, previous judgements, current changes that may take place, etc. On the other hand, truck accident attorney will be aware of these aspects but in relation to only the trucking arena. 

While the responsibility of ascertaining negligence of the vehicle driving is a common factor in both truck and car accidents, the process and intensity of the same is wide apart. In terms of resources and time as well, the truck accident cases are more severe and require deeper pockets. Furthermore, the injury that an individual suffers in a truck accident is way more serious than the one in car accidents. Often the truck accidents take a fatal turn and leaves the family of the deceased devastated for life. 

Factors differentiating truck accidents from car accidents:

As an individual, it is important to know about the reasons that differentiate truck accidents from car accidents. Below are some points that are important to understand this difference:

  • Severity of truck accidents is more

Car accidents are severe in cases where the speed of the car is high. Otherwise these accidents cause injury that is comparatively less intense. On the contrary, truck accidents are mostly extremely severe. The damage that truck accident causes is way more than car accident in all the aspects. Physical, financial and mental stress that comes with truck accident is way more than car accidents. Truck accidents cause both damage to vehicle as well severe injuries that takes a lot of time to recover.

  • Difficult to go up against truck company

Car accidents in comparison to truck accidents are easier to fight. Usually in car accidents you file a claim to the insurance company which has only limited power to negotiate. But with truck accidents if you are filing a complaint against both the driver and the truck company, then be prepared that you are fighting a giant. The truck companies have immense financial and influential power. Getting claim settlement from them will be a tough battle to fight.

  • Causes of truck and car accidents differ

The causes behind car accidents and truck accidents vary greatly. The internal structure of both the automobiles is different and hence the cause for accident is also different. But in order to claim compensation, ascertaining the cause of accident is important. Usually, car accidents occur due to human error like high speed, low distance, etc. On the other hand, truck accidents may occur due to technical errors or negligence on the part of the driver. Because the cause for truck accidents are many and complex, the role of ascertaining cause is a crucial one.

  • Case complexity differs

Claiming compensation requires calculation of both economic and non-economic damages. Clearly, the complexity of truck accidents is way more than car accidents. This is also the reason why fighting truck accidents is an altogether different task. The number of parties involved in the truck accident is more than the car accident. Claim calculations are difficult and complex. Without a personal injury attorney with an experience in truck accidents, getting a claim for damages is next to impossible. Also, the size of compensation claim compensation is high in truck accidents than in car accidents.

  • Truck drivers and trucking companies fall under commercial regulations

Unlike car accidents, the truck drivers and trucking companies fall under the commercial regulations. Commercial regulations are complex and confusing to understand. It is easier to interpret the laws governing car accidents but that is not the case with truck accidents. The roles and responsibilities of truck drivers and trucking companies are different. It is the regulations that will drive the case and how to proceed ahead in it. What will work on car cases may not be the right defence for truck accidents. Having complete knowledge about commercial regulations is essential to fight the truck accidents.

Final note:

The approach for truck accidents and car accidents varies greatly. What may be a good negotiation in car accidents may not necessarily turn fruitful in truck accidents. It is always preferable to settle these cases out of court. However, truck cases sometimes are difficult to settle out of court and they move to trial. As per the case facts and the case severity, it is important to make a wise choice for your case representation.



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