How Businesses Can Benefit From Custom Directory Signs


Custom directory signs aren’t just used at buildings with multiple offices or retail spaces. They are great wayfinding and branding tools for all types of businesses. Since they are so customizable, they can be used to create a great first impression with visitors. In this article, we are looking at how different businesses can use directories to great effect to drive sales and enhance customer journey.

Types of Custom Directory Signs

Directories come in many different configurations. Some have easily changeable lettering, others are backlit, and still others are digital. There are multiple mounting options available too:

  • Pylons
  • Wall-hung
  • Pillar and post

A business owner has a wide array of options to choose from when designing office directory signs. It is this flexibility that makes directories such a great way to enhance the customer journey and make premises more appealing.

How Businesses Can Make the Most of Directory Signs

Office Lobby Directory Signs

The first and most obvious use of directory signs is providing a simple and well-organized listing of businesses on the premises. In addition to the names of the business, basic navigation information can also be provided, such as arrows, floor numbers and office numbers.

Advertising Services

It is often said that customers do not realize their needs until it is spelt out for them. Whether yours is a retail establishment, a B2B, or services business, directories are great ways of listing your offerings. A prospect may come to you for one thing, but may realize they need other items/services as well. Since signs can be designed with easily changeable lettering, or better yet as digital panels, it is easy and inexpensive to keep updating the list.


Branding is a key component of listings. Look beyond the ‘vanilla’ black lettering on a white background and the opportunities for branding are enormous. A business can color code information to group it according to brand hierarchy and place logos. Repetition is crucial for building brand awareness and office lobby directory signs are a great way to do just that.


To you, your space may be the most logically laid out office or store. For first-time visitors, it will still feel like an unfathomable maze because they haven’t visited it before. Removing any hurdles in the sales funnel is essential to maximizing sales revenue and listing signs do just that. Clear signage will guide visitors to the correct office and the right aisle. Your clients and customers will thank you for making their experience frustration-free.

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