How Do Recruitment Agencies Operate in Thailand?

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Employers need a proficient staff of employees, and so, they hire a recruitment agency to help them. A recruitment agency in Thailand acts as the middle man between a company looking to employ someone and job seekers. These employment agencies are famous for their specialized process of working in Thailand. They work directly with other companies and help in matching job vacancies to suitable candidates. Due to intense competition in the market, their role is significant for both job seekers and companies offering jobs. Here, let us discuss how recruitment agencies operate in Thailand.

  • Advertise the vacancies

The agency receives particulars of the job description from the organization having an open position on the initial level. The role of a recruitment agency in Thailand begins as soon as they get lists of vacancies from the employers. Accordingly, they will devise recruitment and look at their current database to find matching candidates. Often, they post the job online and generate applications from potential candidates for the job.

  • Optimize CVs 

Once new CVs are uploaded, the recruiting team reviews the candidates and eliminates those who do not meet the minimum requirements. The screening is essential to shortlist and scrutinize the applications of the candidates. Consequently, they will keep aside a batch of eligible applications ready for the next step. Further, one or several interviews are scheduled for qualified candidates based on the job requirement.

  • Shortlist the best suitable candidate

Interviews between a candidate and recruiters are meant to discuss the aspect of the job, role, candidate’s qualifications, skills, and experience. After the final interviews and standard tests, the background of the candidate is reviewed. These reviews involve checking of any criminal record, verifying employment history and eligibility to ensure the right choice is made. If everything results positive, the recruitment agency identifies their top choice.

Subsequently, the recruitment agency in Thailand will reach to a tiny pool of top candidates. When they have sourced some suitable candidates, they will then send them to the company for approval. In this way, active recruitment succeeds in finding the best candidate that fits the job requirements. Availing the services of these agencies are also highly beneficial for people searching for jobs in Thailand.                                                          

About the Author:

This article was written by Anchitta A., the Business Development Manager of KTI Consultants. KTI Consultants is an independent executive search, headhunting, and recruitment firm based in Bangkok, Thailand. They help you recruit the right candidate from various industries and professional sectors.



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