How Product Photographs Influence E-commerce Sales

No one can deny that human beings depend profoundly on their sense of sight to accumulate information about the world encompassing them. It is no different when it comes to looking for products and services online. This is why more and more businesses nowadays understand the significance of using product photographs in their online marketing campaigns to enhance user experience and drive more leads. 

Also, according to a recent study, more than 50 per cent of online shoppers believe that high-quality product photographs are more vital for boosting sales than product information, specifications or even reviews. Hence it might not be wrong to say that a great product image can help boost sales as people can better relate to visuals than text.

Tips to enhance your product photography for better sales and visibility 

Many online marketing experts believe that the future of online search will focus more on visuals than keywords. In simple terms, people in the coming years would get a facility to drag and drop a photo in the search bar when going online shopping.

This is why it has become more than essential for every E-commerce business to focus more on this aspect. However, product photography can only leverage benefits when captured accurately. 

Hence to help you better take compelling images for your E-commerce website, here are some tips you can take some inspiration from for boosting your sales.

  • Make your images visually appealing.

This is reasonably the most vital point to consider during your product photography. The more visually appealing your product photographs look, the more likely your sales will increase. Also, there are multiple methods that you can take to make your product images look as visually appealing as possible.

The initial technique is to get the light right so that the product remains evenly brightened. Next, you can try experimenting with the image settings and understand what image background you need. Moreover, you must ensure that your camera remains stable. Once you complete the capturing process, you can apply various diffusion methods and edit your pictures flawlessly. 

  • Always remember simplicity is the key. 

Another vital tip to follow during your product photography is to ensure that you never put so many visuals in one image. Also, according to research, more than 22% of online products return as the items look different from what they saw in pictures. 

Hence to ensure that this does not happen with you, always minimize using visual elements and keep the entire focus on your main product. Moreover, for excellent product photography, you must keep the background white or light to warrant that your audience never gets distracted by the image background visuals. 

  • Show some exciting product specifics.

You can discuss the boring specifics of your goods as much as you want, but there is no certainty that your description will get through to your prospective clients. Although some people can understand information by merely reading the text and creating well-defined ideas in their minds, other people need visual support. 

Hence, you must ensure taking photographs of every required detail to guarantee that even the most auditory people get a comprehensive understanding of what your goods have to offer. For example, if you market handbags, your product photography must incorporate pictures of all the best features, such as pockets on the outside, zip compartments, handles and many more. 

  • Let your customer explore your product photographs. 

If you want to make your product photography more compelling, try to creatively supplement something that reflects what clients would do when hitting a shop, which is their ability to explore different products. 

Hence to achieve this, you can take the help of 360-degree photography that requires a set of original images taken at set periods around the object connected using computer software to build a single interactive photograph. Moreover, when uploaded to your website, these 360-degree images can rotate to ensure that clients understand every aspect of your product for an informed decision.

  • Use unique images 

Your product photography must be unique and original to rank and optimize photographs for your E-commerce sales accurately. Also, if you use unoriginal product photographs, clients could end up on different websites highlighting the related products, with slight or no difference between them. However, when you create unique images, you separate yourself from your competitors for better visibility and sales. 

  • Make use of Image SEO techniques.

Optimizing your product photographs and images on your E-commerce site for Google search engine is a transcendent way to win interested clients for your products. Here are some ways to make your product photography SEO optimized. 

1. Give a title to your image file: 

Picture titles such as ”image01.jpg” never get any attraction from Google or your customers. Hence, when using product photography for boosting your sales, always name the photo file in a way that describes your pictures accurately. However, you must ensure that you never use long file names or stuff keywords as they can harm your online ranking. 

2. Use Alt text on your product images: 

Google search engines always experience a challenging time interpreting the images you upload on your website. Hence to make SERPs better understand your product photographs, you must add Alt (alternative) text. Also, the purpose of this alt text is to explain images to Google search engines to help them understand and rank these images. 

3. Please pay attention to image types and size: 

JPEG is the most commonly accepted image file type for e-commerce sites as it enables high-quality image previews with more diminutive file sizes. Also, when you use a small size JPEG file for your images, you can readily increase the page loading time to get higher online rankings and better conversions. 

Final Words 

No matter how surpassing your products are, if you do not take beautiful photos, your existing and prospective clients will never buy them. By going through these vital tips above, you can make your product photography look vivid and appealing. However, if you are not a pro photographer, it is better to take expert assistance for an E-commerce photoshoot in Delhi. 

MMBO Studio is a leading ecommerce product photography service in Gurgaon that provides you with high-level assistance for your E-commerce product photography for boosting sales and online visibility. 



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