How Senior Care Homes Can Help Seniors with Dementia Care in San Antonio TX

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With the rising cases of dementia in San Antonio, TX and all over the country, the role of senior care homes has become even more important than ever. These facilities are not only catering to seniors who need assistance in their day-to-day living but also to those who require special care due to this illness. Here are some of the ways by which a good senior care home can help seniors with dementia in San Antonio, TX:

Offers dedicated at dementia care unit:

Many senior care homes now have memory care units with dedicated facilities to meet the unique needs of their residents who are suffering from dementia and other mental health disorders. Memory care units focus on improving the quality of life and functional status of their residents.

Creates daily routines 

The goal of senior care homes is to slow down the progression of the disease. One of the ways they do it is by establishing daily routines for their residents. Simple activities such as making up their beds, brushing their teeth, reading newspaper, and eating meals are beneficial to the residents as well as the people around them. Aside from helping maintain physical functions, these routines also reduce anxiety and boost self-esteem in those who suffer from dementia.

Special programs for cognitive and physical abilities 

Exercise and other physical activities are also included in the care plans for people with dementia in San Antonio, TX. That’s because physical activities can help relieve stress, improve cognition, and reduce other health risks. They also discourage isolation, which is one of the major factors that worsen the disease. Through such programs, residents get to interact with one another as well as with their caregivers and practice social skills.

Trained medical and care staff 

Senior care facilities with dementia care units have qualified and trained staff. They have professional caregivers who are knowledgeable and experienced in assisting people who are dealing with the symptoms of dementia, including those who have other diseases. Aside from providing their medical needs, they also attend to the emotional well-being of residents. They also have specialists that design unique care plans to ensure that everyone is getting the kind of care they deserve!

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Seasons Alzheimer’s Care and Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX headed by leading physical therapist – Mona Talukdar. The organization offers a home-like environment, high-end care and medical support as well as dignified living facilities to its residents, especially those suffering from debilitating memory disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and more.


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