How to Advance Your Makeup Skills?

If you are wondering how to advance your make up skills and learn how to apply it, then this article was written for you. All you need to do is to read this article and you will surely become a great makeup artist. In this article I will be teaching you how to advance your make up skills.

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Start by getting yourself some make up brushes and powder. Make sure that you have the right kind of make up brush for your face shape. Now you are ready to apply your foundation. Start by applying your foundation. You have to first apply foundation on your whole face and now blend the foundation by applying it in small circular motions.

The second step to this look is to apply your blush. Apply your blush and blend it with your foundation. You have to do this method several times until you achieve the right look.

Now you can begin with the eyes and move to the middle area. Now you can continue applying your eye shadow and eyeliner. Next you have to use your blush on your cheek bones. This step can also be done with using your fingers.

Now a makeup tip is applying lips. Use your lip brush and make sure that it is soft and has good quality bristles. The reason behind this tip is that it will give your lips a more natural look. The brush is to be used with a light touch so as to avoid any harsh touch on your lips.

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After that, blend the lips by applying it in a circular way to the upper and lower cheek bone area. Apply the same method on the sides of your nose. Now blend your eyes using your eyeshadow and eyeliner. Now blend your hair using the same technique as applied on the sides of your nose.

You should now continue applying the foundation all over the face. The foundation should be applied in small circular motions with a light touch. The best makeup tip here is that when you are blending the foundation you should try to bring out your natural features by applying light or medium pressure on the foundation.

Now you can blend your makeup using your finger tips as well. But try to apply it in a circular motion. The effect is natural and subtle. Finally, after that you can get ready for a quick wash.


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