How to Become a Data Scientist After Engineering?

Data Science has been within the industrial landscape for a long time but has gained momentum in recent years because organisations can understand its essence in businesses. Data Science is a significant field involving computer programming languages and machine learning algorithms, which helps gain actionable business insights. Accordingly, one of the best groups of professionals familiar with these operations is the engineering students. Data Science Course for Students can be a lucrative career choice with the right skill development. However, with the demand for Data Science rising, aspirants are transitioning from Engineering to Data Science. The most common question is how to become a Data Scientist after Engineering. Read the blog to find out!

Which types of Engineering can help you become a Data Scientist?

Engineering is a vast field with different types of Engineering that aspirants enrol in that help them develop other skills. The following section will discuss the skills in other Engineering streams that help in paving a career in Data Science for Engineering students:

Mechanical Engineering

Being a student in Mechanical Engineering, a career in Data Science for Engineers will help you in the following ways:

  • ·       Strong mathematics and physics skills, helping you learn Data Analytics, Machine Learning tools and technologies easily.

  • ·       You can utilise your Engineering skills by developing a business perspective when you learn Data Science.

  • ·       Your skills in Computers and programming languages will be useful as Data Science requires programming languages for building models and data analysis.

  • ·       As a mechanical engineer, you must create products meeting certain specifications. In Data Science, you need to use your analytical skills to find patterns and trends by analysing data collected from numerous sources that help solve business problems.

Computer Science/IT Engineering

Data Science for Engineers specialising in the field of Computer Science or IT have the following skills that can help you become a Data Scientist:

  • ·       Your skills in programming languages, secure coding and knowledge of software and hardware technologies can benefit Data Science.

  • ·       Programming skills help you develop codes as a Data Scientist, which can help solve business problems.

  • Knowledge of software and hardware technologies can help in Data Analysis, enabling you to work through large datasets in companies using different tools.

Software Engineering

Data Science for Engineers specialising in the field of Software development have the following skills that can help you become a Data Scientist:

  • ·       Similar to Computer Engineers, software engineers have solid programming skills in Python and R. These can help solve business problems and build machine learning models.

  • ·       Additionally, you also have communication and problem-solving skills and a business mindset, making you perfect for training and becoming a Data Scientist.

Benefits of Engineers Learning Data Science

Data Science as a career choice can benefit Engineers in various ways. Following are the benefits of Engineers learning Data Science:

  • ·       Enhance knowledge and value: More and more companies are using data to make efficient business decisions. These companies require experts from different backgrounds who can help in analysing data. As an engineer, by learning Data Science, you can increase your knowledge in the field and drive value for companies.

  • ·       Higher Salaries: Effectively, Data Scientists earn technically more than Engineers on average, even with an entry-level post. On average, the salary of a Data Scientist in India stands at INR 14.2 LPA. Moreover, if you aspire to transition from Engineering to a Data Science career and have experience and certifications, you may even earn higher.

  • ·       Advanced Decision-Making skills: Accordingly, you may have the skills to produce different products or develop software as an Engineer. By learning Data Science, you can create advanced decision-making skills from a business perspective. Therefore, you will be more equipped to make efficient decisions about work and how it affects other teams and departments.

How to become a Data Scientist?

If you’re an Engineer who wants to transition into a career in Data Science, you can follow the steps below to become a Data Scientist:

  • ·       Earn a Data Science degree or Certification: You can opt for a master’s degree course in Data Science for two years or even opt for online certification programs in Data Science. For instance, Pickl.AI offers you a Data Science Job Guarantee Program that can help you become a Data Scientist in five months with 100% placement guaranteed. Additionally, the Data Science for working professionals program by Pickl.AI can help you become an industry expert within three months.

  • ·       Learning a programming language: Although you might be equipped with programming languages as an engineer, you can learn advanced concepts through a Data Science course. Accordingly, Pickl.AI offers you one of the best Data Science courses for Engineering students in India, where you can learn about Python and Python libraries and SQL.

  • ·       Sharpen Your Skills: Significantly, you might have the technical skills of an engineer, but learning Data Science can help you sharpen your business skills. Accordingly, you can make better decisions for companies and solve complex problems with skill development.

  • ·       Involve in Industry Relevant projects: Effectively, it becomes essential for you to involve in industry-relevant projects where you get hands-on experience in Data Science. Pickl.AI offers courses with a practical approach to learning that you apply to solve business problems from real-world cases.

  • ·       Apply for Jobs: finally, you can opt for entry-level jobs in the industry to gain experience as a Data Scientist. Moreover, if you already have experience as an Engineer in a company, you can also use your developed Data Science skills to apply for higher-level positions. Data Science jobs for mechanical engineers, computer engineers, etc., are flooding the market and this is your opportunity to transition into a career in Data Science.


Therefore, you can become a Data Scientist after Engineer by opting for an online certification course or a master’s degree, whichever suits you better. Development of Data Science skills integrated with your existing Engineering skills and knowledge will help you shape your career in a better direction. 



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