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How to Care For Micro Bead Hair Extensions?

You will be amazed at how easy it is to care for micro beads alone. Hair extensions are not difficult to maintain, so you can forget about the time it takes to care for them.

Silk, powder and animal hair all need gentle care to keep them looking shiny and healthy. We recommend that you first try out a conditioner that includes jojoba oil to remove excess oils that may be left behind by some other products. You also want to ensure that your micro beads are placed in a cool dry place.

Because these silk or animal hair were manufactured from silk, they have been known to contain a chemical called camphor. This is actually a very good thing because it helps to make the hair softer and keeps the shine intact. Once this type of fabric has been washed and dried, you should never wash it or use any fabric softener on it. You can read more about Dry Deny Moisture Seal Gel Oil in this post.

Of course, the color and texture of your hair will be different with every style and it is important to note that every type of material will have different conditions. The best way to determine what kind of conditioner is right for your specific hair is to try a few different varieties. Most hair conditioners work well with just about any type of fabric or texture and adding one to the washing machine can add a bit of extra silkiness and bounce to your hair.

Damage can be done very easily with silk and wool. You may notice that the area around your hairline has become more dry, whereas the areas further down can now be quite shiny. When you shampoo your hair using either a liquid or gel shampoo, be sure to rinse it thoroughly. If you decide to wash your hair with conditioner, make sure that you leave it on for the recommended time to help keep your strands well conditioned.

Many people use a mix of care tips for how to care for micro beads. For silk hair, avoid washing it regularly as this may leave it damaged and dull. If you do choose to wash it, try to use hot water as this will help to untangle the strands and will make them look shinier and nicer looking. Drying the hair may also help to do the same thing.

Silk hair extensions will require frequent washing to keep them looking shiny and healthy. However, if you wash your hair with conditioner and then spray it with a leave-in conditioner before drying it, this will help to keep the strands from becoming brittle. If you prefer not to use a conditioner, you can choose to wash it with a mild shampoo and add leave-in conditioner after you shampoo it to help prevent this type of damage. Also, check out Olive Oil Effective For Hair Styling here.

Use these tips on how to care for micro bead hair extensions to ensure that you can reap the benefits of silk, wool or silk and wool alone. Regardless of which types of hair extensions you choose, we believe that they will all provide a great variety of styles, colors and textures.


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