How To Deal With Idiots On A Train Commute

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Boarding the 13:06 London Overground service to West Croydon from Dalston Junction was never thought to be any different from the normal commute experience but as the popular sayings goes: no two days are the same especially by travelling in London vast transport systems.  There may be delays to your journey, signalling problems, unavailability of train crew, train fault, leaf fall on the tracks, bad weather, disruptions caused by disruptive passengers, accidents, in fact, the list goes on and on.

I was travelling in the 2nd Coach of the 5-Car train on a cold, dry, clear sky afternoon.  About 2 mins after departing Dalston Junction station, we arrived at Haggerston station on the former East London line.

The train was not busy as it was outside of the Peak Hours which are normally between 07:00 – 09:30 and 16:00 – 19:00 Mondays to Fridays except when it fall on Public Holidays.

Without diverging from the main facts of this story, a woman passenger joined the train at this station carrying a big black travel case and a pretty long big white bag on her left arm.  The bizarre thing was: she appeared to rush inside the train apparently with no reason to do so as there were plenty of spaces and the train still have a couple of seconds before departure.  In the process, she just barged into another woman passenger who was already on the train without saying anything and immediately, switched to using her mobile phone.  The woman passenger quickly jumped out of her seat out of annoyance and moved to the other side and sitting beside me without saying any word but you can notice that she was visibly upset.  Why?  The white bag that the woman was carrying on her left arm took the whole length of two passenger seats and was physically blocking this passenger.  This sort of aggressive behaviour was provocative to say the least and encroaching into another person’s personal space.

Some other passengers took notice of this erratic behaviour but were only shocked as I could read from their facial expressions but didn’t intervene.  One of other onlookers was a man who sat just two seats to the right of this luggage passenger.  Let’s name him Mr. T

I can safely infer that the woman with luggage has some mental health issues and we should be wary of people like that.

Three stations further down the line,  Mr. T was looking unease and he had a wrapped cigarette in his lips.  He was wearing a blue jeans with saggy grey bottoms.  He’s of average build and he has a name tattooed on his neck.  He was sporting dyed turquoise hair.  He had a sandwich in one hand and a bottle of fizzy drink in the other.

Feeling uneasy as may be under the influence of some narcotic drugs, he was looking here and there, at times holding his tummy and inhaled a great deal amount of air.

Anyway, to cut the story short, a woman beggar was walking through the carriage and begging for spare change.  Surprisingly, Mr. B offered her his sandwich and told her he wasn’t going to eat it anyway.  The twist of this story was: Mr. B apparently looks like an unkempt man but giving alms to the beggar who obviously was an homeless person begs the question … this is beggars belief.



Written by Desiree O

My friends would describe me as a friendly, sociable person with a good sense of humor. I like outdoor activities.

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