How to Design Custom Signs that Catch and Keep Attention

Custom signs get your business ahead of competitors in Greensboro, NC. These valuable assets bring plenty of benefits to your company, such as:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Cohesive branding strategy
  • Improved customer perceived trust
  • Localized solutions
  • Elevated ambiance
  • Captivating storefront
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Unique visual communication
  • Boost customers’ experience and employees’ morale
  • Get customers to your doorstep
  • Stay top-of-mind
  • Claim the location
  • Promote orderliness and flow inside your establishment
  • Stay in step with trends that appeal to your target audience

More importantly, custom-made signs grab the attention of your target market and create a lasting impression.

The Carolina Signsmith is a leading sign supplier in Greensboro, NC. We implement a unique process of making custom signs, which varies depending on the materials used, signage type, and installation style. The design phase alone involves carefully planned steps to ensure the final products effectiveness.

  1. Concepts: We incorporate your vision, branding elements, and other crucial design specifications to create rough drafts. Since we implement a collaborative approach, you have the freedom to select or request changes in the design. Our talented graphic artists are trained in marketing, so you can expect that even the smallest details are strategically chosen. For example, we often use red when designing custom banners for restaurants because, according to color psychology, this stimulates hunger and cravings.
  • Mock-ups: When both parties are happy with the concept, our professionals create a digital copy of your design. We often integrate the design into an actual photo of where the signage will be installed. This will give you a better idea of how the sign will look alongside your establishment’s interior or exterior design. For example, the proposed designs for your custom yard signs can be superimposed on the images of their potential locations so you can see how they will complement the surroundings. In this stage, you still have the option to tweak some details or overhaul the entire thing if you’re still not satisfied with it.
  • Final design: Once everything gets polished, we only need your approval before sending the final design to the manufacturing team, where they transform our ideas and make them into reality. You need to be 200% sure that you’re satisfied with the design because some signs, such as custom neon signs, are highly tedious to produce and install. You certainly don’t want to waste time, money, and energy in having it replaced.

The Carolina Signsmith: Your Sign Partner in Greensboro, NC

Whether you have a fixed design you want us to copy or have absolutely no clue as to what would work best for your business, our Greensboro team will take gladly accommodate your needs. Our customized sign solutions ensure that you get what you want, and your business needs are met within the budget you are comfortable with.

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