How To Get Started With Car Disposal?

30th Nov’21, Sydney, Australia: Disposing a car is not as easy as chucking waste into a waste bin. A car is a large commodity and must be disposed appropriately or else it can pose to be an environmental threat. Junk cars lying around are not only unsightly but can also be hazardous. You may think that getting your car disposed is quite a tedious process but in reality, it is a very simple process and can even help you earn some extra cash. Omega Cash for Cars helps you dispose of your car in the most customer friendly manner by providing, 24/7 services along with free towing and paperwork. 

To Get Started With The Car Disposal Process You Need To Follow Few Simple Steps. 

Get A Free Cash Quote And Car Valuation

You can request for a quote via the website’s online enquiry form, which consists of a few easy questions. Alternatively, you can phone and speak with an expert who will ask you a few questions about your car, its make and model, and then provide you with a price estimate. The deal that is being given is assured to be the best on the market. Expert appraisers fetch you the best cash deal based on the current market trends and market value of your car. You can get an estimated offer of up to $9000. If the cash offer for your car is suitable to you, you can confirm your booking.

Schedule A Free Pick Up

You may easily arrange for a door pickup of your vehicle at a time that is suitable for you. You can request a pick-up from any location in Sydney and its environs. This service is free, and you will not be charged to have the car removed. Within 24 hours, your vehicle will be picked up. This service is quick, and is delivered by a team of highly trained professionals who make sure all safety protocols are followed.

Get Your Cash Instantly

The final step is to complete the paperwork for selling your car. The team will walk you through the procedure, and the paperwork will be completed with the assistance of authorised agencies. You can get your cash as soon as the paperwork is completed. The entire transaction takes place on the same day, from booking to payment, Making the entire procedure as simple as possible. You don’t have to waste time and effort attempting to get rid of your old car.

Your vehicle will be hauled to a junk yard once it has been removed. Your vehicle can be used for parts or scrap depending on its condition. The entire car is demolished, with parts being reused and resold and the remaining elements being recycled. The entire method is carried out in accordance with strict environmental and safety norms. Almost everything of a car can be recycled. Your vehicle is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly and responsible manner possible. These mean that the amount of junk from a car is almost 20% of its original state, reducing around 80% of waste from each car. This has a great positive impact on the environment. The various elements are used to create new products in different industries.

Omega Cash for Cars has a reputation for providing high-quality services to consumers, making car disposal a simple and painless process. It will help you save time, energy, and cash. All that is required of you is a phone call and a few signatures; the rest is handled by a team of qualified specialists. Because the company is licenced and follows regulatory requirements for the purchase and wrecking of cars, the process is also safe and secure for the buyer. The quality of the services given is reflected in the customer reviews.

Car disposal services are now as convenient as could be, allowing you to do so from the comfort of your own house rather than racing from pillar to post. So, if you have a car you need to get rid of but don’t want to drive around, call Omega Cash for Cars, Sydney’s premier car removal company, or contact them online for same-day, hassle-free car removal services.

About The Company

If you are aiming to Sell Damaged Car for Top Cash, Omega Cash for Cars is a reputed brand to work with. Over the years, this company has mastered the art of removing, and wrecking old vehicles in Sydney. Today, the brand has a bigger audience. Anyone located in urban Sydney, or rural regions are helped with immediate, free car removal. The brand offers a wide range of services. Some of the most commonly used and sought-after ones are: towing, free car removal and free valuation of old vehicles!


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