How to identify yourself with the help of accessories


Unlike the concept of identifying as whole, the youth today want individuality and are finding new methods to express themselves as someone unique.

Jewelry used to be worn to amplify one’s dress. It was used as a catalyst to make a dress a style statement. We are witnessing the opposite in today’s culture.

A few years ago, jewelry upgraded itself to being a statement maker. Necklaces particularly were made the target. But then it was simply as a way to go about fashion. Many of course used it (and still do) to make their wallet size clear to all. Now, though, it’s becoming less about price and more about individuality.

The expression of one’s identity has been the forwarding idea amongst boho culture. It speaks volumes about one’s character and is more communicative than hippie culture or gypsy culture.

How to identify if you’re just starting out

Boho jewelry then is exactly the right way to go if you want to make an obvious and bold statement about yourself. Boho necklaces are an easy option if you are just starting out. They can be made at home easily. The problem is unavailability of tools required and not every element you want to put in the necklace is available in the market. The pandemic has also added many difficult factors – export of many items have stopped and elements are not easily available online. So there a lot of online stores available which will easily give you the right fit.

How to find expressive boho necklaces

Bohemian necklaces online provide a wide range of selection. If you want, you could list down or keep in mind your personality when purchasing bohemian necklaces. If not that, you might want to consider what you want to express through the necklace.

What does a bead’s color mean?

Colors have meanings everywhere, particularly so in bohemian jewelry. Red orange signifies leadership skills or aggressiveness. Blue may mean that you’re friendly but not exactly approachable. White signifies that you are at peace and in tranquility. Black is used by wearers who consider the necklace or jewelry as a form of protection from evil/negativity. Green and brown will express your earthly desires, i.e., you want to stay away from everything plastic (literally and figuratively).

Other elements in a boho necklace

Gemstones add a very extreme level of panache to jewelry. Many people keep gemstones or marbles in their necklace. Its meaning is unclear. Feathers are used by many and it may express a floating mind.

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