How To Make A Great First Impression With Well Placed Lobby Signs

Cultivating a positive relationship with your customers is key for any successful business. These customer relationships build brand loyalty and attract new customers. It all starts with making a great first impression in Omaha, NE.

According to Forbes, it takes 7 seconds to form a first impression in business. Those first few seconds when your customers enter your space is a make or break moment. Be sure to make it count with impressive lobby signs for businesses.

How to Make Lobby Signs in Omaha Count

Lobby signs are usually what visitors and customers see the moment they enter your establishment. It is a crucial element to building a positive perception of your business.

Need a classic design or a bold, refreshing lobby space? Our team at First Impression Signs & Graphics can help find the right design and materials that suit your business needs.

Let us look at a few ways lobby signs for businesses can make an impact on your customers.

Put Your Brand Front and Center.

Branding is your way of showing how your business is different from the competition. Highlighting your brand ensures your customers identify your business the moment they walk in.

Custom lobby signs can be made to match your business logo. They can be designed according to your brand theme. This enables visitors to know exactly who and what your business is.

This is also important, especially in a multi-tenant building. Seeing your brand when they walk in lets them know they have reached the right place. Illuminated lobby signs will keep your brand shining above everyone else’s.

Always maintain the quality of your lobby signs in Omaha.

Studies suggest that 68% of customers associate the quality of your signs with the quality of your products and services. Let customers know how you value quality with a well-maintained sign.

Make sure you choose the right materials for your office lobby signs. Acrylic signs, for example, are durable and require minimal maintenance to make an impact.

When you have illuminated lobby signs, choose LED lights. LED lasts a long time, letting you avoid having to always replace busted lights.

Clarity is key.

Signs help us send important messages to our customers. Make a great first impression by sending that message across clearly. A well-designed office lobby sign can do the trick.

Choose standard font styles that are easy to read. Consider your space and choose a size that is clear to visitors even from a distance. If you have digital lobby signs, make sure your message is direct for customers to easily understand it.

Your Trusted Custom Lobby Sign Maker

A successful sign solution requires the help of a professional sign maker. In Omaha, NE, First Impression Signs & Graphics is your top choice. We are a full-service sign company that designs, builds, and installs high-quality lobby and reception signs for your business.

Whether you need a simple wall mural or digital lobby signs, our team can help you make a great first impression. Contact us today for a FREE consultation about your lobby sign needs.



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