How to Price Your Home Correctly

Myths About Pricing a Home 3
Myths About Pricing a Home 3

When you are selling a house you want to make sure you price your home correctly. Do you know what happens to those sellers who don’t? If you guessed the home won’t sell then you are one hundred percent on the money.

The number one reason homes don’t sell is in fact because they are over priced. Quite often sellers think they can just reduce the price and that will cure all that ailes them. Unfortunately, that is not true.

If you don’t price your home correctly from day one, you’ll probably sell it for less than if you priced it right.

There are a lot of home pricing myths that have been around forever. Frankly, far too many people fall for them. Things like you need negotiating room is one of them. Another common pricing myth is that if you wait a better offer will come later. This almost never happens.

Take a look at the article at Readory and you will see the six myths about pricing a home for sale. Don’t be one of these people! You will also see a much more detailed version of the article by Bill Gassett at Maximum Real Estate Exposure.



Written by Adrienne Hollis

The office administrator for one of the largest RE/MAX franchises in Massachusetts with offices in Hopkinton, Holliston, Franklin, Grafton, Medfield and Marlborough.

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