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How To Promote Efficiency In Drilling Speed In Surface And Underground Mining Operations With HPE Pr

As the depth of the surface and underground mines continue to rise, drilling has continued to face numerous challenges irrespective of the wide range of technology. These challenges include high confining pressure, increasing temperature in drilling bits and reduction in transmission power as drilling goes deeper into long holes.

In order to make drilling operations in surface and underground mining operations more efficient, the speed rate in the equipment used for all drilling activities must have the under listed qualities.

  • The speed in the drilling equipment must have a very efficient discharge system capable of removing all broken pebbles out of the hole rapidly and completely.

  • The design in the distribution of drill bit buttons ought to be structured in a way to facilitate repeated rock breakage prevention.

  •  Optimal cooling for bits and rocks as high temperatures are damaging to the longevity of drill bits and rock fracture under dynamic loading conditions.

  • The drilling system must have a perfect balance during operation so as to prevent excessive energy consumption while trying to overcome the friction between the drilling equipment and the walls of the rock.

To achieve maximum efficiency in drilling, the operator must apply the following principles;

  • The drill operator should start the drilling at a very slow pace and later increase the speed gradually when convinced that the operation can run faster. This is because over-stressing the drill bit with increased speed right from the beginning of the operation will lead to an excessive chip-load on every single drill lip.

  • The driller should implement short distant drilling. This practice reduces the potential collection of chips in the base of the hole. 

  • The deeper the hole, the more possible it is for chips to accumulate and block the flutes of the drill. This promotes an increase in temperature levels and also prevents the cutting lubricant from transmitting heat away from the drilling point. Very high temperature levels at drill point results in failure of drill bits.

  •  When drilling holes are expected to be deeper than 3meters in diameter, speeds and feeds should be reduced by 50%.

HPE Products for Efficient Drilling Speed in Mining Operations


The HPE drifter is a hydro powered drilling assistant designed to promote safe and environmentally friendly drilling operation without compromise to drilling speed. The Drifter is highly efficient in hardrock drilling operations as compared to hydraulic drilling.

The Drifter produces more efficient drilling as compared to compressed air and electric drilling. It works perfectly well when fixed on HPE Drilling Rigs.

 Wide Tunnel Drilling Rig

The Wide Tunnel Drilling Rig is a highly productive water powered drilling machine designed to ensure optimal blast hole face drill and roof bolt holes in flat surfaces both in surface and underground drilling.

The wide tunnel drilling rig is also designed in a way to protect a drill operator from injuries that may arise from handling a drilling rig during a drill operation.

Narrow Tunnel Drilling Rig

The HPE Narrow Tunnel Drilling Rig is a water fueled drilling rig that is designed to provide high quality face drilling and roof bolt holes for the development of raises, gullies and travelling ways in mines. It has the ability to develop wide T-raises of up to 8m wide.


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