How To Start FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

How To Start FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
How To Start FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is an in-game mode in the FIFA 23 game. It allows you to use any players to create your club to play online and offline games and earn rewards. By playing matches and games in this mode, you’ll be able to get better players and items. While it’s important to have fun first and foremost and at the start of FIFA 23, there are several things that you can do to get the best start possible and get a slight headstart against your friends and competitors. So in this guide, we’ll take you through everything you’ll have to do on your first FIFA 23 login and provide tips to allow you to start FUT 23 with a bang! Let’s get into it.

Select A Starter Country

The first thing you will need to do in FUT is to choose a country for your starter pack from the country list given. The country you select will put more players from that nationality on your starting squad and will set your player’s nationality and league preference in the future. Don’t choose your starter nation based on the type of starter team you want to create. While it may be tempting to go with Spain if you want to build a La Liga team initially, it simply is not worth it. Instead, we advise selecting a nation that will benefit you early in completing some of the early Starter SBCs, and these will be good routes to generate some early packs, which can be very profitable in the early stages.

Sell Packs

Next, you’ll likely receive some packs that will give you a nice initial boost in the early stages. Out of these packs, you’ll receive over 50 players, some of which may be worthless, but some may be small gold mines. Most of the time, you can sell whatever you get in packs early on, as this will be how you can generate a decent coin total in the shortest possible time frame. Aside from some meta gold cards that might be worth waiting for big price jumps before selling, most other cards will be more worthwhile selling in the short term for more FUT 23 Coins.

Complete SBCs

At this stage, you should have at least a few thousand coins to complete Squad Building Challenges. SBCs are an important feature for getting rich in FIFA. If you want a fancy team, sweet packs, and sexy special cards, then you should complete SBCs, and especially at the start of FUT 23, they’re essential to build a decent starter team. Also, the rewards vary from each SBC. Sometimes you get a certain player, sometimes a player pick, different packs, or just some items like club badges or jerseys. So you should always pay close attention to what you have to submit for an SBC. Always look at the price you have to pay and the rewards you get.

Trading Players

If you’ve gone through and completed a few early SBCs efficiently for profit and are sitting comfortably with at least 10,000-25,000 coins, It’s time to get trading to start multiplying those coin totals to buy your first squad. Trading is essential in FIFA Ultimate Team, and some basic training methods allow you to purchase players at lower prices and sell them when their market value rises. The profit you make from trading can then be invested into your primary team, allowing you to buy the best players in the game.

Keep Playing and Exploring

The more matches and challenges you play, the more rewards you gain. This means your club will get richer by getting more coins and card items. Playing online and offline matches will also cause you to earn Match FIFA 23 Coins, plus packs as rewards. It also teaches you how to improve your gameplay, work on your players’ chemistry, etc. So, keep playing games, matches, and training in the Ultimate Team to improve your gameplay skills and explore new things.

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