90% of the information we receive when driving comes to us through sight, so our windshield must be in perfect condition. We give you some basic advice for its maintenance, from the hand of Carglass.

Crystals suffer more stress in summer

In summer and winter, it is when more windshields break, something produced because extreme temperatures and thermal differences generate great tensions in the crystals. These conditions can favor an impact becoming an irreparable break and a damaged windshield ending up cracking at one time or another. For these reasons, if the windshield has suffered an impact, you must go to the workshop as soon as possible

Caring for the windshield: how to remove insects

This time of year, there are more insects and it is inevitable that many end up stamped against the windshield. Its remains on the glass are difficult to clean, but it must be done regularly so as not to compromise visibility or damage the wiper blades. It is very important to have an adequate level of windshield washer fluid, because when we are driving and an insect hits the glass, it can leave a large stain that makes visibility difficult. If at that moment we do not have liquid in the tank, the windshield wipers will expand the stain and we will see even less, creating a dangerous situation.

We must not forget that:

– Using the wipers with liquid when the sun is facing us will make us see almost nothing for a few seconds due to the effect of the rays on the liquid and dirt, an effect that is accentuated with the wear of the wipers.

– Although it may seem that an occasional ‘downpour’ serves to clean the windshield, on many occasions it only makes it even dirtier because the clouds are usually full of dust at that time. If, in addition, we use the brushes when the moon is not completely clean, we will spread that dirt.

How to clean the windshield

Once at home, we can moisten a towel with water and some soap or household cleaning product, and leave it on overnight: cleaning the windshield the next day will be much easier with the remains already softened. Using soft bristle brushes or, failing that, a soft cloth with which pressure can be exerted without damaging the glass, is essential for good cleaning. For the windshield, you can use a little baking soda on a microfiber cloth in the case of very pronounced stains.

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Windshield: how to remove dust and sand

Dryness and high temperatures cause more dust and sand to rise into the environment. In addition, the cracks in the asphalt expand due to the heat and dust accumulates in them, which is raised by cars as they pass. On the other hand, if we park the car near the beach, we will pick it up at the end of the day covered by a layer of sand.

In these situations, it is not necessary to activate the wipers, which could be damaged and scratch the crystals; neither do the window regulators, for the same reason. The textbook answer would be to clean the car with pressurized air and water, something that in the real world is almost impossible to do in a beach parking lot. What can be done is to carry a bottle full of water in the car, to remove most of the sand from the windows and to be able to drive safely before undertaking a deep cleaning.

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