How To Unlock MUT Champions In Madden 23

How To Unlock MUT Champions In Madden 23
How To Unlock MUT Champions In Madden 23

There’s a lot of change regarding online play options in Madden 23 Ultimate Team. Weekend League is a thing of the past, as MUT Champions has taken place. It represents the highest tier of competition in MUT 23, and players can compete against other top-ranked players. But to participate in this mode, players will need to unlock access. So players need to know what to do to unlock MUT Champions in Madden 23.

To unlock MUT Champions, familiarize yourself with the new Field Pass. In addition to the Season-based Field Pass, Madden 23 development team has installed a new Competitive Field Pass. This Field Pass program will reset every two weeks and is designed as an additional way to earn rewards and unlock access to MUT Champions. To unlock access, users will need MUT Champions tokens. These tokens can be obtained by acquiring Competitive Field Pass points. Points for the Competitive Field Pass can be obtained by completing objectives, many of which are stat and win-based, in MUT Champions, Head-to-Head Seasons, and Solo Battles.

Also, according to EA, these tokens can be earned from playing practice games in Head To Head Seasons or by reaching certain levels in MUT. Alternatively, they can be purchased directly at the Auction House using Madden 23 Coins.

Once players have earned a Champs Entry Token, they can return to the main Madden Ultimate Team menu and select the Champions tab. By exchanging a Champs Entry Token, players gain access to MUT Champions for a week, allowing them to play up to 25 games in this mode. This new format allows you to earn even more rewards this year.

There are a few good things about the tokens, and one is that they don’t expire and go directly into your MUT 23 Item Binder. This way, you’ll be able to redeem them to get into Madden 23 MUT Champions in Ultimate Team whenever you want. 

Now that you know how to unlock access to MUT Champions in Madden 23, we hope you can get a lot out of this feature now that you know how to access it and what you can get out of it.



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