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How to use Laboratory Glove Box?

A lab glove box is a cabinet fitted with one or more windows. It creates an isolated work environment for the scientist inside who can manipulate the experiment without contact to or contamination from sources of environmental contamination, or risk of infectious diseases.

This is done by using a laboratory glove box to manipulate the equipment within the cabinet while maintaining an airtight seals. Lab glove boxes are usually manually operated with the outside of the cabinet being opened and closed via a swinging door while sealed with dual valves, while some can be open fronted allowing for easier operation.

How To Use Lab Glove Box?

  • Put on one pair of gloves inside the box, then close all doors properly.
  • Position your left hand so your fingers are lifted vertically upwards in front of you to prevent contact with body fluids.
  • Put on the gloves of the same color as the cabinet’s door(if not black, then it’s white)
  • Open the top half of the glove box and adjust it properly, then put it on your body.
  • The second set of gloves should already be opened.
  • Close the top door.
  • Place the gloves that you used outside of the box.
  • Open the second half of the glove box.
  • Put the opened gloves through it. Then close it again.
  • Put your other hand inside the box and adjust the gloves to your hands properly.
  • Close the door, and go through the remaining steps.
  • Make sure that the door is closed after it’s opened, and if it’s open, make sure that it’s closed before you step out.
  • The glove box should be opened up with your hands only.
  • Only remove the gloves when you’re done with them.

What Do I Need To Test The Effect Of Different Type Of Surfaces?

There are different kind of surfaces with various properties:

Surfaces with different properties can be:

  • Non-woven cloth
  • Cotton cloth
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Trench
  • Other


Now what you should do is to test the surfaces one by one in the following conditions

Open the door without holding gloves: If surface has contamination to you then the glove will be touched to it after you remove the gloves

Close the door without holding gloves: If an external environment contaminates the gloves after you close the door then it’s a contaminated surface

Open the door and close it quickly: It’s recommended to test whether an exterior exposure has any effect.

You only need to do this if the results of 1st 2 tests are not conclusive.

 If you still have contaminated gloves even closing the door then it’s a contaminated surface. If you want to buy a laboratory glove box visit Global Lab Supply.


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