How to Wear More Than 2 Hairs on Roblox 2022


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How to Wear More Than 2 Hairs on Roblox

Check out how you can have multiple hairstyles in Roblox by following the steps below:

To begin, first open Roblox and login with your details.

Once you do so, head to the Avatar Editor. Here, you will have to choose any one type of hair you want for your avatar.

After you do this, go to your inventory and then head to hairstyles.

Once here, choose the hairstyle that you like and select it by clicking on it.

When this selected hairstyle opens up, you will find its ID code in the address bar.

Copy this link from the address bar.

Now, head back to the Avatar Editor and go to hair.

You will need to scroll down and then select Advanced.

Once this opens, you can paste the ID of the hairstyle you just copied from the address bar earlier.

Paste this ID in the slot for the second ID.

You can put multiple ID’s in the slots.

While you can technically use a maximum of 10 hairstyles on your avatar at once, you will really need to be creative to make it look good too.

Most players stop adding hairstyles after the second or third hair.

You can use these steps to come up with several unique and creative hairstyles that will set you apart from other players in Roblox.

The best part about this entire process is the fact that you are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

What is the most expensive hair in Roblox?

The Big Crazy Blue Hair is the most expensive non-limited hairstyle in Roblox, costing 1,000 Robux.

However, the situation is somewhat different when it comes to limited edition items. Other gamers offer these items at a variety of different prices. Some products are not available in the store and must be purchased from other players due to their scarcity. As a result, their pricing is decided by the vendors’ desires and the willingness to pay the customers.

Vengeful Geisha is the most costly hairstyle available in the Roblox limited edition, retailing for ten million Robux ($125,000). Already, the hair has been sold for between 179,999 and 100,000 Robux. Its average price is 45,245 Robux.

The Rainbow Shaggy hairstyle, another high-priced Roblox hairstyle, is now available for 7,142,857 ($89,000) Robux, with an average price of 1,586,904 Robux.

To be clear, players who wish to trade in Roblox must subscribe to Roblox Premium. Additionally, Roblox Premium gives gamers with a monthly supply of Robux. Roblox Premium is comprised of three tiers:

$4.99 per month – 450 Robux

Monthly fee of $9.99 – 1000 Robux

Monthly cost: $19.99 – 2200 Robux

Different ways to get free hair in Roblox

There are two different ways you can get free hair in Roblox. The first is to head into the store as previously explored and cash in on all the free hair options. The second is to unlock the free characters. By doing so you will unlock the hair and outfits they own.

Hope our guide on how to wear multiple hairs on Roblox is useful to you. You can check for more tips of Roblox gaming on our website



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