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How Vinyl Banners Spread Your Brand’s Message

Great business signage can not only increase the number of customers that walk through your door, but it can also boost brand awareness. Simply put, a recognizable brand image can be what puts you ahead of your competition and custom banners are a great way to accomplish just that. Banners and signs work well when it comes to increasing your exposure and making sure your brand is well-positioned in the minds of Edmonton consumers.

Eye-catching custom banners located in just the right place can introduce or remind people about your business. The result? Diverting more people into your location and positively impacting your bottom line. Adding custom vinyl banners to strategic locations may be just what you need to trigger greater visibility for your brand.

Three Ways Banners and Signs Support Your Brand

Custom banners are an ideal choice when it comes to promotional offers, announcements and other information that would successfully be communicated using temporary signage. Banners and signs are very versatile and are perfect for building in extra opportunities to get noticed. They can be completely customized by choosing fonts, colours, and graphics that work best for your brand.

More specifically, three ways that custom banners can amplify your brand are:

  1. Supporting your other marketing plans.

Custom vinyl banners are incredibly flexible, meaning that you can move them and transport them easily to help your brand stand out at new locations, events, and trade shows. They’re also a great investment to use seasonally for sales, promotions or seasonal business changes. In addition, banners aren’t just limited to supporting your brand outdoors. You can also use them to build excitement inside your California store as a way to draw attention to specials or limited time offers.

  1. Enhance brand visibility.

When you regularly put out custom banners, passersby will naturally start to take more notice leading to better brand recognition. Did you know that it takes at least seven exposures to the same message before people actually start recalling your brand? Why not use banners to help you build that recognition? As an added strategy, try using branded banners a few miles away from your location to increase your reach even more.

  1. Help build consistency.

Banners are a cost-effective way to help your brand appear in more places. By adding custom banners to your marketing strategy, you’re making a smart financial decision to expand your visibility without breaking the bank. Branded banners can help set the tone for other marketing pieces people may see and by using them in strategic locations you’ll be cementing the image you want customers to have.

Order Your Custom Banners From 3Sixty Sign Solutions

It’s important that any banners ordered to represent your company be high quality so that you experience no sagging. Poorly made banners will impact both readability and recognition. At 3Sixty Sign Solutions, our team uses the right materials and designs to ensure you get banners that deliver a strong brand image every time. Contact us and let us help you develop banners that will push your business to the next level.



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