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Arction has developed a powerful charting control library for both .Net and JavaScript developers. If you are a JavaScript developer, you can use LightningChart JS from Arction. Along with this charting library, Arction offers another HTML5 JavaScript charting control library, namely FinTech. This charting control library is particularly designed to develop finance and trading applications. It is noted that almost every finance and trading tools or applications include maps, graphs, and charts. Finance and trading datasets are complicated if they are not organized in a proper way. Apparently, meaningless finance and trading data can turn meaningful when they are represented through charts and graphs.

With the advent of time, different kinds of finance and trading applications and software are in demand among traders and business persons. Financial consultancy firms want to provide better services to clients through applications or tools. Similarly, trading consultants provide proficient trading suggestions and advice through trading apps. For developing such apps, they search for professional developers. If you use to develop such apps frequently for your clients, you can opt for the FinTech charting library from Arction. This charting control is recommended for JavaScript developers. Some of the crucial features of the FinTech charting controls library have been discussed below.

100+ Technical Indicators

FinTech makes the financial and trading application development process easier with the availability of more than a hundred technical indicators. These technical indicators are integral parts of the trading applications. For example, you can find technical indicators, like APZ, AD Index, CMO, CRC, HML, HMA, Log Change, Linear Regression Forecast, and many more. You can easily incorporate these technical indicators to your financial application development project. It saves your time and efforts in coding.

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Different Types of Charts

FinTech from Arction comes with charts suitable for financial and trading tools. The charting library comes with 15 different charts. All of them are customizable according to the requirements of the developers. Some of the charts that you can find with FinTech are Colored Classic Bar, Classic Bar, Candle Stick, Candle Volumes, Hollow Candles, Mountain, Point & Figure, Single Line, etc.

Different Analysis Tools for Financial Applications

Every financial or trading application comes with various analysis tools. FinTech comes with preset analysis tools, which developers can customize with ease. There are nine trend analysis tools, and some of them are Raff Regression, Error Channel, Speed Lines, Trend Angle, Tirone Levels, etc. Not only trend analysis tools, but developers can also find pattern analysis tools and graphical analysis tools. For the trading software development projects, you will also find 6 preset Fibonacci analysis tools.

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Simple to Integrate

Integrating the charting library to an application development project makes a lot of developers confused. Even seasoned developers may struggle in this phase of the application development process. FinTech features easy integration. It takes only a few simple steps to integrate FinTech to your financial or trading application development project. The charts available with FinTech are easy customizable. You can change the styles, colors, themes, branding, fonts, and custom logos. If you are facing a technical issue, you can contact the customer support team of Arction. It offers a dedicated customer support team for FinTech users.


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