Interior Designer Vs Decorator – Who is Who?

An interior designer and an interior designer are said to be two professionals doing the same thing. But nothing further from the truth. Although both have the same talents and talents to create beautiful spaces. But there are important differences between the two.

So, what is the difference that is fundamental but not yet recognized by the dictionary?

According to the American Society of Interior-Designers, an interior designer is someone who is “Professionally trained to create a functional and high-quality interior designer Islamabad. Certified through training Experience and Research Professional designers can identify, monitor, and creatively solve problems. and lead to a healthy, safe, and comfortable physical environment.” In short, interior design is the art and science of understanding human behavior to create living spaces.

Interior designers have many responsibilities. They organize workspaces for specific activities. They ensure that the design is compliant with building and safety regulations. They manage the entire process of construction and design installation. They are designed for proper sound and light. They are responsible for choosing equipment, furniture, products, materials, and colors.

In many states, interior designers require a license to work and pass a test to obtain. Only an interior designer will be recognized as a qualified professional making difficult decisions about living space.

on the contrary Interior designers focus solely on surface finishing: fabrics, colors, furniture, lighting, and other materials.

in addition to the above Interior designers also have to deal with many other issues, although interior designers only have to choose the type, color, and texture of the floor. Designers must also consider usability. Acoustics to be produced, flammability, toxicity, and static electricity requirements with, ao.

The main concern of interior designers is the interaction and human behavior associated with space. This is not for interior decorators. The decorator focuses on the beauty of the image. While the designers are still working to create beautiful results in terms of functionality, performance, and safety.

It’s important to know every professional what they do. Both works is valuable and specific that is worth remembering. Contact an interior designer in Seattle and confirm the value of the hands-on experience.



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