Is It Time To Replace Your Anti-Fatigue Mats?

In many industries where employees stand for long hours, commercial anti-fatigue mats can help provide relief. The hospitality sector, factories, healthcare facilities, and other workplaces often require staff to stand for an extended time period. As a business owner, you can help prevent tired feet and insulate against cold floors. Investing in floor mats will improve comfort, boost productivity, and enhance safety in your workplace.

However, your mats will only bring the above benefits if they’re in good condition. Pay attention to the factors below to determine if it’s time to replace the mats in your workplace.

  1. Surface of Your Floor Mats

Over time, your mats may begin to show signs of wear on their surface. Be sure to evaluate if these mats still provide relief for tired feed and insulating against cold floors. If they’re failing to serve these purposes, it’s time to look into mat replacements so that you can continue to offer comfort and support for your employees.

  1. Edges of Your Anti-Fatigue Mats

The edges of your mats are essential too. They are designed to create a smooth transition between your floors and the mat itself. However, they may become chipped, uneven, or curled with use. Be sure to replace any mats in your workplace with flawed edges as they could become a tripping hazard.

  1. Movement of Your Anti-Fatigue Mat

Your mats are intended to provide a non-slip, anti-fatigue surface. However, as time passes, you may find that your mats begin to slip when they are stepped on. This, along with the damaged edges mentioned above, can affect safety in your workplace. If you notice that your mats are shifting, it’s time to replace them right away.

  1. Traffic in Your Workplace

Your business may have a time of year when there are additional employees working on site. This could be for an event, product launch, inventory count, or a general busy season in your industry. Plan ahead for these high-traffic periods by replacing old matting and ordering new ones to support the increase in employees in your workplace.

Choose City Clean for Commercial Anti-Fatigue Mats

At City Clean, we offer a varied range of commercial mats for businesses in Mississauga, ON, and the Greater Toronto Area. If you’re looking to offer support for employees who stand for long hours, improve safety and productivity, and showcase a clean business, our matting can help.

Contact City Clean in Mississauga, ON, for more information about anti-fatigue mats for your business.




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