Key Things To Know Before Buying Tanzanite Gemstone


Precious and affordable wholesale gemstone jewelry impress people due to its attractive and lustrous look. Their captivating appearance and magical qualities have gained immense popularity in every era.

Jewelry is a prized possession and forever unique piece of adornment they prefer wearing on special occasions. In addition, gems and crystals are a treasure of nature that everyone wishes to owe for varied reasons.

Naturally found gemstones get treatment via a standard operating process, giving them a desirable look cut, shape, and look. People prefer wearing gemstone ornaments as a protective amulet and lucky talisman.

What is Tanzanite?

The Tanzanite is a blue and violet color precious gem. It belongs to the zoisite mineral group. This gemstone got its name from where it got discovered in Tanzania. The Dark blue and violet color gem looks distinctive from others due to ‘trichroism.’ It means this gemstone appears as if its changing color from blue to violet when kept in the light. In its rough state, it’s purple-brown, and after heat treatment, it gets blue-violet color. Tanzanite is a hard gem-like Opal. It’s rated 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Locations of Tanzanite Gemstone

Blue and violet color gemstone is found only in small areas of Tanzania. Therefore, the government of  Tanzania regulates its mining and selling activity rigorously.

The mines of the blue gem are near the premises of 8 square miles in the Merelani Hills, close to the base of Mount Kilimanjaro and Arusha city. A local community in Tanzania fetches profits through its production and selling.

Tanzanite Birthstone & Astrological Relevance

Appealing and dazzling Tanzanite is a birthstone for December. However, the mesmerizing and stunning Tanzanite Jewelry is a perfect present for people born mid-winter.

December is an appropriate month for a gemstone sparkling in icy blue shades. Couples celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary must purchase the incredible blue and violet color gem. People in the Sagittarius zodiac sign must wear it.

Anyone who wishes to surround themselves with positive energy must wear Tanzanite Ring. Therefore, the shape, cut, and setting of the Tanzanite gemstone ring play a pivotal role in determining its overall look.

Quality Evaluation of December Birthstone

There is no standardized grading system for evaluating the quality of colored gemstones, so gemologists prefer to check the quality of December birthstones based on color, clarity, cut, and carat.

As a buyer, buy the valuable Tanzanite gemstone from a genuine jewelry retailer that involves realistic gradings. The color of this gem differs from a deep blue to a light violet-blue shade. Big size Tanzanite gems look dark blue.

In terms of clarity, the Tanzanite gemstone has a glassy sheen. Therefore, the Blue and violet gem with no visible flaws is ideal. In addition, it can get cut easily in many styles. The transparent, small-size December birthstone appears light in color and larger ones in dark blue. A high-grade Sterling Silver Tanzanite Jewelry is around 2 carats more cost-effective than a sapphire of equal size.

Meaning of Tanzanite

The dark blue and violet gemstone meaning signifies peace, serenity, and royalty. It enables to transform the negative energy from the positive one. The Tanzanite gem links with raised consciousness and closely connects with a supreme spiritual aura. Its healing qualities assist its owner in converting their dreams into reality. The December birthstone also helps to reveal the creative side through self- introspection or analysis.

Tips To Take Care And Maintain Tanzanite Gem

For cleaning the Tanzanite gemstone, use warm and soapy water. Avoid using bleach, harmful chemicals, and harsh solvents, as they can damage the flawless look of the gem. Instead, clean them with a smooth bristle brush and scrub them very gently.



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