Know Your Yacht Charters and Cruise the Mediterranean Sea with the Best

There are a lot of options in yacht charters when you are just deciding on a Mediterranean expedition. Don’t be overwhelmed by it and instead understand the basic differences in design, size, and costs, so that you don’t end up with a yacht that is a mismatch with your vacation plan and style.

Mediterranean motor yacht charter

The general range of yacht sizes you’ll find (for motor yacht charters) will lie between 40 ft. (12 m) and 300 ft. (91.5 m). The sizes aren’t black and white and you’ll find numerous sized yachts with differences of 5-10 ft. This is the case to ensure all vacation groups can find an efficient boat and no group has to spend extra bucks for the unnecessary room. So whatever the size of the group, you’ll find neither extra and unnecessary rooms nor a shortage of space. Just to give an idea, a 300 ft. yacht charter is suitable for say 40 guests, and a 40 ft. one is generally made for 2 people. Prices don’t just depend on yacht size but the number of rooms and the corresponding number of guests. Though several Mediterranean motor yacht charters with the same number of rooms will lie in an average range, fluctuations in prices will still be the case because of the presence/absence of a kitchen, stocked pantries, washrooms, open deck space, cabin crew members, etc. Now, motor yacht charters are an excellent choice if you don’t want to spend much time cruising the sea. These yachts will let you go from port to port as quickly as possible and at the same time, provide adequate space on the boat. Prices can decrease or increase depending on seasons, and the widest range is €6, 000 – €695, 000.

Mediterranean Catamaran Charter

Catamarans are finely designed yachts. These have two parallel hulls in contrast to most yachts having a single hull. Catamarans are famous for providing efficient boat stability, i.e., the yacht doesn’t sway much and even if it does, it won’t knock you off as easily as other yachts do. The sizes lie between 38 ft. (11.58 m) and 150 ft. (45.7 m). You can go cruising even shallow waters near islands if you take a Mediterranean Catamaran Charter. The widest price range for catamarans is €3,600 – €167,000.

Mediterranean sailing Charter

Sailing charters are a great choice if you want to lay in the sun, and have a serene experience on the sea. The sizes for sailing charters lie between 38 ft. and 211 ft. (64.3 m). The price range is €3,600 – €110,000.

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