Laos Private Tours: My Top 8 Places to Visit in Laos

A Laos private tour gives chance to explore and celebrate the beauty and wondersof the country in privacy. You can tailor your Laos private tour to suit your interests andenjoy personalized and memorable experiences. In case you need some recommendations, take a look at these top 8 must-visit destinations to include in your itinerary:

1. WatVisoun

Visitors to Laos often do a historic city tour starting from the WatVisoun, which is also known as Wisunarat. It was built in 1513 and is the oldest Buddhist temple in LuangPrabang. It is home to a wide collection of religious artifacts and precious items from the royal family.

2. NongKiau

Another popular tourist destination in the province of LuangPrabang is NongKiau. You should include this in your Laos private tour itinerary if you are into active adventures like mountain climbing and biking. If you love sightseeing, then head to the bridge across the Nam Ou River.

3. Tad Yuang

Want to go for a swim? Visit Tad Yuang. These enchanting double waterfalls stand 40m high is an ideal place for family holidays.

4. The Elephant Camp

Trek into the wild on an elephant and discover the secrets of the jungle. This thrilling activity in The Elephant Camp is truly one-of-a-kind.

5. Vientiane

Your Laos private tour is not complete without doing a city tour in Vientiane, the capital and the largest city in the country. Visit the famous landmarks including the That LuangStupa, the national symbol of Vientiane whose image is on Laos’ official seal.

6. Tham Nam Water Cave 

An experience of a lifetime awaits you at Tham Nam Water Cave. You will be exploring the water cave on a tube complete with all safety gear and headlamps. Once you reach the deeper areas, you will be swimming until you arrive at the other end.

7. Tad Fane Waterfalls

This is another waterfall that will take your breath away. Tad Fane waterfalls cascade 100m and lie in the Bolaven Plateau. It is located at the heart of a tropical forest.

8. Pak Ou Caves 

Also known as Buddha caves, Pak Ou Caves are home to more than 4000 Buddha statues. Aside from the caves themselves, you will surely love the magnificent scenery of the area.

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Vietnam Fast Tours is one of the leading and reliable local tour operators that offer private tailor-made tour packages to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Burma; including classic tours, sightseeing tours, honeymoon tours, family holidays etc. As a local tour operator, Vietnam Fast Tours focus on matching your taste with a truly authentic and remarkable experience. Besides this, Vietnam Fast Tours also offer other services such as Visa services (for Vietnam only), transportation, and accommodation to make your journey more comfortable and memorable!



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