Leaders Of Evolution Offers New Online Learning Course – Igniting The Leaders Of Tomorrow

September 2020, Australia: Leaders of Evolution, a student leadership program and course provider, expertly designs e-learning courses that focus on leadership and student-athlete development. Leaders of Evolution has started new courses for high schools – the eight world-class online lessons on athlete development course will inspire PE students across Australia. Sign up for a Free Taster Course today.

In unprecedented times during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Leaders of Evolution (LoE) have come up with their new online learning course – Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow for the young students. These online courses aim to enable young people and students to begin their leadership journey of personal and professional development at a younger age to benefit them when they enter the professional workforce.

Leaders of Evolution Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow course includes engaging videos, interactive activities, and authentic learning tasks. They provide the necessary tools to ignite the young leaders of tomorrow and today.

The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has put everyone in a state of uncertainty and career instability. The risk of future unemployment urges to have a solid skill set and knowledge base for every individual. To benefit the same, this course was born out of in-depth research into future employability skills. Young people need to have transferable leadership skills for future job opportunities.

They promote the idea that students must build a toolbox of skills that allow them to work without confinement. “In the face of so much change and uncertainty in the world, we need to get more comfortable being uncomfortable. That’s a personal skill we all need.” – Sean Branagan.

They emphasise small business’ pivoting during a time of crisis. Leaders of Evolution’s learning pillars are the 4 Cs: Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness. This course goes beyond just teaching young people the necessary skills and behaviors of a future leader. It inspires young people to take responsibility and action in their own lives to develop their path for personal and professional growth.

The course includes five lessons that focus on:

1. Building self-awareness

2. Leading and working in teams

3. Leadership and emotional intelligence

4. Growth mindset

5. Designing a leadership profile

So, if you are interested and want better future opportunities, then please visit their or email at [email protected] to enrol today.

About the Company:

Leaders of Evolution is passionate about education. They expertly design and deliver technology-enhanced e-learning courses focused on leadership, social and emotional learning, career readiness, and sports coaching for students, teachers, athletes, coaches, and the wider community. Leaders of Evolution is collaborating with like-minded educators to connect with 100,000 global learners by 2025.


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