Leaders of Evolution's Co-founder &Director, Jon Shepherd, presented at NCAA Minnowbrook Summit

October 2020, Australia: Leaders of Evolution is a student leadership program and course provider. They expertly design e-learning courses that focus on leadership and student-athlete development. Leaders of Evolution gladly announce that their Co-founder and Director, Jon Shepherd, presented at the NCAA Minnowbrook IV Summit in New York.

Leaders of Evolution proudly announced that their Co-founder and Director, Jon Shepherd, spoke as one of the main presenters at the fourth Annual Minnowbrook Summit for National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) faculty hosted by the Syracuse University. 

Minnowbrook is an annual congregation of NCAA faculty athletic representatives and academic directors for student-athletes. On third and fourth October ’20, the Minnowbrook Summit was held at Blue Mountain Lake in Upstate New York both virtually and in-person. This summit provided an opportunity for experienced leaders to collaborate for uplifting the world of student-athletics. Over 40 NCAA Division 1 institutions attended this submit.

The summit featured seven prominent speakers, including the Commissioner of the Big East Conference, Val Ackerman, who delivered the keynote address ‘Name Image & Likeness in Intercollegiate Athletics: The New Frontier’ and the NCAA Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Stan Wilcox, who will present ‘The State of Intercollegiate Athletics.’

In the presentation titled ‘Backpacks to Boardrooms: Amplifying Global Workforce Skills,’ Jon talked about the global impacts of COVID-19 on the education sector and highlighted why tomorrow’s workforce skills are the currency student-athletes must develop today.

In the summit, Jon shared personalised career readiness frameworks that will allow institutions to prepare their student-athletes for the most uncertain future of work.

Leaders of Evolution partnered with NCAA colleges and universities to empower student-athletes with career-ready life skills to assist their transition from elite athletes to high performing professionals. With over 65 contemporary e-learning courses, Leaders of Evolution effectively transitions student-athletes from backpacks to boardrooms.

To learn more about Leaders of Evolution’s mission to engage student-athletes’ workforce skills, visit today, their website or email them at [email protected].


About the Company:

Leaders of Evolution are passionate about education. They expertly design and deliver technology-enhanced e-learning courses focused on leadership, social and emotional learning, career readiness, and sports coaching for students, teachers, athletes, coaches, and the wider community. Leaders of Evolution is collaborating with like-minded educators to connect with 100,000 global learners by 2025.


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