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31st Oct’21, Sydney, Australia: In the words of Heraclitus, change is the only constant and this holds true even for the automotive industry. In a rapidly changing and developing world, the needs and demands of people are very different with each passing day. Technology has made numerous things easier for us in day-to-day life. The automotive industry has undergone digitalization on several levels with the advancement in technology. The ongoing pandemic has also steered the automotive industry to rethink their relevance in the future.

The automotive industry is likely to implement latest developments in technology to advance vehicle features such as the use of artificial intelligence, telecommunication and 5g, the industry is also moving towards developing driver less autonomous cars, cars that run on electricity and are lesser dependent on organic fuels. Self-driving cars are predicted to become the new normal of the transportation industry and will be a common sight in future.

According to some automotive specialists the implementation of artificial intelligence will be the future of transport. Solar panels are also being used by some companies to conserve energy. Cars are also becoming more environment-friendly.

Cars even come with enhanced connectivity features. Earlier driving long distances would be quite boring, especially when travelling with children. It is really hard to keep them entertained for a long time in a car with nothing to do. With enhanced connectivity features you have access to entertainment features within the four doors of your car such as playing music through Bluetooth, watching movies, using navigation services to get from one location to another. This has appealed to customers in such a way that these features have become essential parts of most vehicles.

Vehicles these days also come with internet connected devices such as sensors, gateways, platforms, etc. that send and receive information with the need of human interference. The cars data is collected and uploaded to servers that indicate the required maintenance for the car. These devices can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and improves the efficiency of the vehicle.

With the increase in digital technology across the globe, the market for vehicles has become much wider and physical location does not seem to be a huge barrier anymore. Purchasing a car has also become hassle-free earlier one had to go from showroom to showroom to finalise on a suitable car but with the digitalization, one can research about the car and model of their choice before stepping out and purchasing one. The aim of the automotive industry post-pandemic is to minimise costs and try to make cars more affordable with the best possible features. The main focus would be to address challenges in order to develop next generation vehicles of top quality, enhance resilience and efficiency to remain profitable with continuous changes in global trends and boost customer loyalty by providing high quality customer services.

The automotive industry has also become more environmentally conscious. Therefore, there has been an increased awareness about vehicle disposal. Manufacturing cars is one side of the story but what happens when cars reach their end of life? If vehicles are not disposed properly, they can end up being an environmental hazard. Therefore, more investment is also being done in the car wrecking industry, where top level technology is used to wreck and recycle cars.

Cars are purchased by licensed and registered buyers like Amazon Cars and Spare Parts that give the highest offer for your old, unwanted, damaged cars of any make and model. They dismantle your car completely; reuse working parts and recycle the rest of it. Recycling vehicles has great environmental benefits and helps in the conservation of energy. It also has numerous economic benefits. Experts encourage recycling cars rather than letting them occupy unnecessary space in your garage or in a landfill.

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