Lithium Battery Store Offers the Right Lithium Battery for Solar Storage

Florida, USA 15thFeb 2020: Lithium Battery Store, abbreviated as LBS, is one of the leading providers of the most advanced generation of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries at decent prices. Our latest technology and advancements in Lithium batteries is a great choice for different applications such as the solar energy system.

Lithium-based energy storage systems are the most common storage technology used within the solar market. LiFePO4 battery is a newer form of battery storage that is beginning to rapidly displace lead-acid batteries for solar storage systems. LBS offers high-quality deep-cycle lithium batteries that are reliable for sensitive systems such as the solar energy system. They now have a full range of 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V and 72V lithium batteries for solar storage.

LiFePO4 solar batteries are the best source of energy as they are equipped with the most stable lithium that can store more energy than any other Lithium Lead acid batteries. LBS uses the most advanced technology to create LiFePO4 batteries for the solar energy system. LBS batteries use Iron phosphate to increase safety and thermal abilities, while performing a long cycle life. It can store almost 50% more energy than Lead acid batteries and can work 5,000-8,000 cycles, compared to 500 cycles of lead acid batteries.

LBS Lithium batteries offer many benefits over battery chemistries. Since, the safety and reliability of lithium batteries is a big concern, LiFePO4 batteries come with a Battery Management System protection and LED charge indicator. Another significant advantage of LBS lithium over lead-acid batteries is that they do not suffer from deficit cycling. LiFePO4 batteries provided by the LBS for solar energy needs do not need frequent charging. In fact, it’s possible to slightly improve overall life expectancy with a slight partial charge instead of a full charge.

If you’re interested in upgrading your solar panel system with advanced and most stable LiFePO4 batteries, contact Lithium Battery Store. LBS LiFePO4 batteries are tested before shipment. Tell them about your solar array and they will help you purchase the right system for your solar application. Click here to order your solar custom LBS LiFePO4 system! For purchase contact 941.388.7605 or email on [email protected].

About the Company:

Lithium Battery Store sells LiFePO4 deep cycle that are made with American cells and assembled in China. Distribution is worldwide. This is the leading company looking for the latest technology advancements to make sure that the customers get the latest and greatest, best quality battery technology at the best price. Lithium Battery Store is proud to work with customers closely for customized batteries, and it is a pleasure to work with people and answer any questions about this ‘newer’ battery technology.


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