Making Timber Cutting In Underground Mining Operations Easy With HPE Chainsaw

The use of timber in underground mining cannot be downplayed. This is because timber plays a crucial role in protecting the lives of workers as well as preventing severe disasters that could mean financial woes for mining companies.

Timbers are used by mining companies as pillars in underground mines to prevent slides and breakages that cause workers to either be entrapped underground or severely injured or die.

To get timbers to be cut into the desired sizes in underground mines and to be easily moved as well, chainsaw is a high requirement.

HPE Timber Cutting Solution For Underground Mining

As an industry dedicated to a safe working environment for underground mining employees, our timber cutting solution for underground mines is our hardworking chainsaw.

HPE Chainsaw

Our chainsaw is a high standard product designed to discharge efficiency in timber cutting in underground mines.

Sometimes while mining in underground mines, emergency demands may require the immediate erection of a timber stick on the wall of the underground mine to provide support and to prevent collapse that could lead to imminent disaster. 

HPE chainsaw is specially designed to be handled by a single person to easily and quickly cut timber with size of up to 300mm in diameter into required sizes. This singular feature suggests that our chainsaw allows other workers to continue working whilst one person handles timber cutting for wall support. This facilitates cost-saving and time-saving with increased productivity.

The South African standard timber stick for mines is 200mm diameter but our chainsaw can handle up to 300mm diameter timber which is far above the South African standard. This makes HPE chainsaw the best among its peers in the market.

An added value of our chainsaw is that it uses hydropower as its source of energy.


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