My Generator Urges Australians to Prepare for the Bushfire Season

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September 2020, Australia: My Generator is a preeminent supplier of RV equipment and power generators in Australia. They offer a wide range of portable fridge brands, caravan power generators, and other accessories. The company is emphasising on planning and being prepared for bushfires to avoid loss of homes and lives.

After the distressing bushfire season in early 2020, My Generator urges Australians to ensure their homes and families are ready for the next season. They recommend the following precautions:

  • Safety Measures Outside and Inside the Home: 

To increase the chances of your home surviving in Bushfire Season, make sure to follow the necessary steps to be safe:

In your outer surrounding make sure to frequently trim extra-long and dead branches around your house as grass spreads fire faster. Ensure the trees you plant have lower oil content and should be planted away from the house as they can fuel the fire from the bushfire. Cleaning gutters, roof and downpipes is a smart move that will help to protect your home in Bushfire Season. To avoid injury or damage to your home, regularly check and update your fire safety equipment. Along with this, you should have few things easily located around your house i.e., fire hydrant, “Static Water Supply” of your swimming pool, and extra-long garden hoses.

To avoid damage to your home, it is recommended to makes some changes in your house interior as well. Use metal screens or steel wire mesh screens on all the windows, vents and doors of your home. As the metal is heat resistant and so there is a big no to plastic fly screens. Make sure to cover openings in the external roof, wall casing and even any gap. When living in a bushfire area, make sure to avoid keeping the extra ground fuels or any other combustible material. Also, make sure to check the installation of LPG cylinders that it won’t damage the house at the time of emergency.

  • In the occurrence of a bushfire, the following items are recommended:
  • Power Generator – In case of a power cut, a generator is vital for powering a water pump and other devices.
  • The Cromtech 2400W Inverter Generator is the best for a small budget and the Briggs & Stratton 6500W Inverter Generator for home back-up. Visit the My Generator for detailed about this Inverter Generator.
  • A flashlight and a Portable battery-operated radio
  • Fireproof safe cabinet to protect valuables and documents
  • FireFighting Water Pump – It discharges high-pressure water and safeguards the house from fire. By Water Master Honda Fire Fighting 1.5″ Water Pump, 5.5hp that comes with a fire hose and cover.
  • Generators and water pumps are essential items in your home if you live in a Bushfire zone.
  • Prepare Your Family and a Back-up Plan

Having a fire escape plan is very crucial for families with young children or elderly residents. Prepare the back-up plan and share with your family so that they don’t get panic in the terrifying situation and may react accordingly.

Visit the  My Generator website for detailed features for the Inverter Generator for home back-up and other products or mail them at [email protected].

My Generator strongly recommends getting in early and purchasing a generator and water pump before the fire season, as stock availability does run low due to increased demand!

About the Company:

My Generator is Australia’s premium online retailer for portable power products. They provide the largest range of high-quality power products for 3 main market segments: Firstly, they offer market-leading products in the Recreational Vehicle (RV) sector, being appliances for Caravans / Motorhome’s, Camper Trailers, Boats & 4WDs. This RV equipment includes caravan fridges, camping fridges, caravan air-conditioners, and many other products for RV’s. In this segment, they also provide an extensive range of portable power solutions to run RV’s such as batteries, generators and associated 12v accessories. The next main segment is Generators to suit every application and budget – from small camping generators through to large prime power / industrial backup generators, and everything in between, including; inverter generators, worksite portable generators, domestic backup generators, or large stationary diesel generators. Rounding out the offering is premium power equipment products such as pressure washers, water pumps, concreting & compaction equipment, ground-care equipment & tools, as well as off-grid solar appliances.



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