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Training Within Industry (TWI) is a smart training methodology that generates an environment in which jobs are performed the same way, by all team members and where problem solving is done at the hand level. TWI (Training Within Industry)job instruction is often stated as the core to lean.

TWI recognizes supervisors need five basic yet effective techniques including knowledge of the work and knowledge of responsibilities. The needs of knowledge are unique to each company or industry and hence provided locally. Supervisors need specific skills in order to perform within their role, irrespective of their industry. TWI plays crucial role in developing these skills.

TWI Job Relations (JR) is exactly designed to help the first level supervisor to perform their responsibility impressively and help to prominent people by:

•Successfully and positively dealing with relationship problems between supervisor and the employees

•Preventing these problems from developing in the first place by maintaining optimistic employee relationships.

Since job relation is focused on working with people, depictions of what exactly happens to people who are required for his program. It won’t be wrong to say that JR teaches supervisors how to maintain positive employee relations, increase cooperation and intension and successfully resolve conflicts using a problem solving method that will support them in dealing with all sort of issues occur in an organization. TWI – JR has a high impact on job satisfaction, helping the supervisor or team leader develop a professional positive relationship with those that report to him/her. This aid those to help the supervisor in making better decisions that will make better relationships. This also provide proper guidance in motivating employee and promoting required change.

In an organization it has seen that an employee who feels valued and respected for their personal knowledge and contributions tends to be at workplace. Proper implementation of this program help them to drive various metrics including less turnover, fewer grievances, reduced cost, better work relations, increased productivity and morale.

When it comes to TWI Job Instruction, it develops your front-line leaders’ capability in quickly training their workers, securing processes and setting work methods. It smartly teaches to remain effective while using prominent job training technique that help employees execute their tasks smartly and get constantly good results. TWI Job Instruction is one of the most effective skill to support standardization efforts. By implementing TWI Job Instruction regularly, organizations achieve stable, reliable process performance. Also TWI Job Instruction helps connect the written work standard with the actual practice through effective job training. This safeguards people perform a task exactly the way it should be done. So it won’t be wrong to say that TWI Job Relation is an important enabler of rapid process improvement helping supervisors and employees to perform well in their organizations operations.

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