Ensuring a safe environment is one of the primary responsibilities of any commercial, residential or industrial entity. To make safety a reality in every environment, safety equipment must be made available and people must adhere to safety cultures.

Excess flow valves are mechanical safety equipment that are designed to checkmate problems that affect the smooth flow of water, fluids and gases in pipelines. Pressure surges in pipelines can lead to breakage and explosions that may cause serious damages to a company, house, or community. A company may lose a large sum of revenue to a pipe explosion or leakage and workers can also sustain severe injuries from an improperly managed pipeline. Water supply for domestic uses can also be affected by a pipeline breakage or explosion.

When Excess Flow Valves are installed in an underground pipeline, they help to shut down or reduce the flow rate of gases, water or other fluids when their pressure on the walls of the pipeline exceeds the required threshold.

The HPE Excess Flow Valve operates by closing whenever the flow of substances in a pipeline develops sufficient pressure capable enough to overcome the power of the spring holding it open. The valve allows the flow of liquids and gases in both directions, However, the flow pressure of the material flowing through the pipeline is controlled in only one direction. Once the flow pressure in the direction which the HPE EFV control is exceeded, the valve automatically closes to prevent an outburst.

The EFV has its disc held in an open position by a spring. Whenever the flow rate that runs through the valve creates an intense pressure drop that exceeds the preset flow rate of the spring, the disk shuts off against the opening to stop the flow of materials. The EFV disk continues to remain shut until the flow pressure between the upstream and downstream sides of the valve equalises. Once the pressure from both sides equalises, the disk automatically re-opens for continuous flow of materials.

Where can HPE Excess Flow Valve be Used

The HPE Excess Flow Valve can be used in a variety of areas which include

  1. Mining companies can use it in controlling pressure surges in upstream and downstream water networks, and in slurry pipe transport.

  2. Oil companies can use it for preventing oil spills from oil pipelines, fire-outbreaks from pipe blasting, and leakages from gas and petroleum tankers.

  3. Water supply companies can use it to prevent water losses from pipeline breakage and to prevent water contamination.

  4. Residential homes can use it to prevent pipe outburst.


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