PCTE Industrial Offers Versatile Paint Thickness Gauge

Apr 2021, Australia/New Zealand: Now users have the best technology to measure coating thickness such as paint, powder coating or epoxy over metallic substrates. PCTE Industrial offers versatile, accurate and durable PosiTector 6000 – Coating thickness gauge to measure coating thickness over metallic substrates.

PCTE Industrial offers a complete line of coating thickness gauge for accurate and fast measurement of paint, plating, epoxy and other coating materials on a wide range of substrates. From standard economical gauges to advanced gauge models with wireless data output, they have you covered. Their paint thickness gauges are used all over the world for coating thickness measurement.

PCTE Industrial’s PosiTector 6000 series coating thickness gauge is the industry standard in accuracy and reliability. This rugged, fully electronic coating thickness gauge use magnetic induction and eddy current principles for easy measurement of coating thickness on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, respectively. Paint thickness gauges offered by PCTE Industrial provide simple, reliable and accurate measurements.

PCTE Industrial specialises in sale and hire of Industrial Non-destructive Testing (INDT) equipment. Their range includes ultrasonic thickness gauge, ultrasonic transducer, eddy current test equipment, visual inspection equipment and Borescopes.

Choose from a range of paint coating thickness gauges that provide increased functionality from entry to top level models at PCTE Industrial. Visit to learn more. Call them at 08 9322 4020 or email your inquiries to [email protected].

About the Company

PCTE Industrial is the Industrial NDT (INDT) equipment branch of PCTE. We have been in business since 2004 and are well-known for technical know-how, and superior support. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland, we offer on the spot support to our local customers to make their equipment decision and assist with any issues. We offer industrial non-destructive equipment for hardness testing, ultrasonic testing and eddy current testing. At PCTE industrial, we recognise the importance of high quality equipment and active support. We partner with suppliers who provide high quality and innovative products.



Contact Details: PCTE Industrial

Contact Person: Reuben Barnes

Address: 949-951 Wellington Street

City: Perth

State: Western Australia

Country: Australia

Zip Code/ PIN Code: 6005

Phone Number: 08 9322 4020

E-mail Id: [email protected]


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