Power Team Mobile Floor Cranes Can Save Auto-Mechanic Engineers From Severe Back Injuries

Every occupation be it simple or complex is associated with hazards that can have far reaching effects on health, wellbeing and productivity.

The auto-mechanic profession exposes workers to varied conditions capable of undermining productivity, health and wellbeing. These include ultraviolet and thermal radiation, fumes from vehicle exhaust and other machinery, poorly fabricated tools, dust, high garage temperature conditions, strenuous work postures, oils, diesel, grease and other chemicals, poorly designed machineries and poor motor or equipment positioning.

Auto-mechanic engineers are poised with the singular responsibility to ensure that vehicles and other generating plants work at optimal efficiency. They in this regard are involved in the removal and replacement of poorly working parts that affects optimal performance or can result in unsafe vehicular operation.

It is the responsibility of the management of any vehicle maintenance and garage workshop, be it small or large to ensure that their workers are not exposed to hazards such as severe back injuries. This promotes productivity, saves cost, and also positions the work environment as an occupationally safe working environment.

Tasks such as heavy lifting and prolonged state of strenuous work postures are major contributors to severe back injury records in auto-mechanic shops

To ensure that vehicle maintenance and garage workshops are placed in a position that saves auto-mechanic engineers from severe back injuries resulting from heavy lifting and strenuous work posture exposures, Power Team  supplies high quality and durable mobile floor cranes that were designed with the safety of the worker in mind.

The Power Team Mobile Floor cranes are specially designed with high-tech values that ensure quick and safe lifting as well as the movement of heavy materials such as vehicle engines, generators, heavy wheels, tyres, machinery and other equipment.

With a rugged construction and trustworthy hydraulics, the Power Team Mobile Floor Cranes are easy to shift from one place to another and can be easily maneuvered. The Mobile Floor cranes have very high quality roller bearing wheels and dolly that makes movement and maneuvering flexible and exceptional.

Making it more dramatic and exceptional with style, the cranes have adjustable legs and telescopic boom that promotes productivity and safety, as they ensure extended reach and easy access to required positions. This prevents assuming strenuous positions and also aids in easy movements and lifting of materials irrespective of size and location.

The Collapsible boom and foldable legs of Power Team Mobile Floor Cranes makes it very flexible for out-of-use storage.

If you want the best hydraulic solution that can increase productivity in your work environment, then none is better than Power Team South Africa. We provide you with the best hydraulic solutions that perfectly suit your workshop at very affordable prices.

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