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Prism Xpat is a leader in providing financial advice in the UK, especially for emigrants and expats between the UK and any of Australia, New Zealand, Canada or South Africa. Headquartered in the UK and with affiliates across Australia, New Zealand and other destinations abroad, we specialise in offering advice at both ends of the emigration adventure. We aim to make the process as streamlined and stress-free as possible so you can spend less time worrying about finances, and more time just enjoying your new life.

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Prism Xpat is a leading International Financial Advisory firm and Pension Transfer Specialists based in London. We transfer UK final salary pension funds for people based in the UK, as well as people who have emigrated from the UK to live abroad (mainly Australia, New Zealand, Canada or South Africa). As a leading UK advisor to expats and emigrants Down Under and globally, we’ll work with you to optimise your position and minimise the hassle. With offices in the UK and abroad, our advisors work together globally to give you the best advice with the least fuss.

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