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Private Readings UK That Had Gone Way Too Far

So there I was, lying in bed, fast asleep when I woke up to an almighty crash. It sounded like something had come through my roof or broken a window. As soon as I opened my eyes, water started gushing down onto me. Within seconds the whole room was flooded and it took almost half an hour before the builders working on our house next door finished their work for the night!

Like most people who have paranormal experiences, having woken up to find me in several inches of icy cold water, with the ceiling sagging down towards me, was not Private readings UK particularly comforting. Had they done any permanent damage? Were cracks appearing in walls that could cause them to collapse at any moment? If only there was some way to know…

I’m not going to tell you my house did end up falling down of course, but I am going to tell you about a method that can give people access to a sense which lets them know if something paranormal is happening. A few months ago I visited a trance medium called Gordon Smith in Manchester and he demonstrated the amazing gift he has for communicating with spirits for me. He gave me one of the most powerful demonstrations of psychic ability I have ever experienced and it left me quite shaken when it was over!

Gordon told me that when we die there is no heaven or hell. When we pass over we remain with our spirit bodies and we only lose the physical body after we shed it multiple times in turn some very powerful magic techniques. This is because our spirits are made of pure energy, and it takes a lot more damage than the body. However, our spirit bodies are very vulnerable, not least because they are basically just astral shells. We use this for several incarnations but eventually, the karma from our previous lives becomes too much for us to handle and we need to take time out to process it all.

Spirit mediums like Gordon Smith achieve their amazing psychic ability by letting their spirit travel outside of their physical body and into the room around them. By doing this, they can let the energies know that they mean no harm and then interact with these forces as if they were anything else that exists in three dimensions such as tables or chairs!

The way Gordon does this is to visualize himself stepping out of his body, floating across the room, and then down through the ceiling. Once he’s done that, all he has to do is visualize himself hovering above the ground in order to be able to move around easily without gravity pulling him back down towards it!

Now, when Gordon does these things, he simply has an amazing time by flying around his house (which I can assure you looks utterly bizarre for anybody who happens to be watching). However, when someone like me asks for a demonstration like this, something very special happens…

When I asked Gordon if I could try out astral projection myself, he agreed but just asked that I give him something in return Thinking about my visit there in the future, that’s exactly what I would ask for! However, despite the fact we had only just met and he still didn’t know me from Adam, it appeared as if there was no time like the present to teach a psychic newbie how to project…

As soon as Gordon announced my intention and brought it into reality by giving me his full support, of course, I started feeling very strange indeed. My breathing became quite odd until finally, I felt so much pressure around my head I thought my eyes were going to pop out. It took every ounce of effort not to fall over in pain but somehow I managed it.


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